Lotte ‘Brave Newcomer’ Lee Tae-yeon, ‘The King of the End’ Oh Seung-hwan’s Routine Already Installed “We Must Be the Best”

Bold. Team seniors call me ‘Nanom’. The command tower was defined by the word ‘awesome’. A high school graduate (Chungam High School) rookie who is less than ten years old throws his ball in the KBO league. Lotte Lee Tae-yeon (19) is the main character.

Lee Tae-yeon, who was nominated by Lotte with the 53rd overall pick in the 6th round in last year’s rookie draft, became a ‘good fortune’ at the same time as the opening. He was named in the opening entry even though he was a high school graduate rookie, and played in both games of the opening series with Doosan, recording 1.1 perfect innings. Looking at the number of 1.1 innings, it doesn’t seem like much, but it is not easy for a high school graduate rookie to throw the ball to national team-class hitters such as Kim Jae-hwan and Yang Eui-ji in front of 27,000 won spectators.

It does not have a terrifying fastball that exceeds 150km/h, nor does it use a breakaway ball that is close to harness. It steals the timing of hitters with a relatively sharp breaking ball with a ball in the early to mid-140 km/h range. He struck out Kim Jae-hwan, the first batter in his debut, and took the commemorative ball for strikeout No. 1 in his career.

Lee Tae-yeon said, “I was very nervous. I was surprised by the large number of spectators. I think the thought of throwing my ball was stronger than caring about who the hitter was,” she laughed. He said, “Senior Yoo Kang-nam led me well, so I threw it vigorously. It is best to say that he is a confident and combative pitcher.”

His speed is not fast, but his control is good. Catcher Yoo Kang-nam said, “I received all of his first pitching in the bullpen at spring camp, his first appearance in an exhibition game, and his first appearance in his debut. The first time I saw it, I was convinced that I would work (in the 1st group).” In the eyes of veteran catcher Yoo Kang-nam, Lee Tae-yeon’s deception came into view. He said, “I thought it would be late even if veteran hitters in the first team swing at the timing of the fastball. That much (arms) well hidden,” he explained.

Lee Taeyeon’s answer is that no one taught her. “I threw like that since I was a kid,” he said. Even when I was an amateur, my coaches said that deception was good. Senior Yoo Kang-nam also said, ‘Don’t think complicatedly, just throw with confidence. Hitters will not be able to hit it easily,” he said, boosting his confidence. I think those words gave me a lot of strength.”

As much as Deception, the title stands out. He has the ability to throw around the edge a catcher demands, if not to the blade. He’s inexperienced, so there’s a chance he’ll be inconsistent, but he basically knows how to swing with power. Pitchers with good pitches usually set targets clearly. When throwing to the body (based on a right-handed hitter), depending on the type of pitch, some pitchers target the end line of the home plate of the batter box or the batter’s knee. Many players do not take their eyes off the catcher’s mitt.

Lee Tae-yeon gave an unexpected answer. “I don’t keep staring at the mitt until I throw it,” he said. He said, “When I go into the setup after exchanging autographs, I move my gaze toward the waiting at-bat, not the catcher, and then start pitching.” It is a know-how to increase momentary concentration. This is a routine that retired Kim Tae-gyun and Oh Seung-hwan (Samsung) did to clarify the target.

For reference,먹튀검증 Kim Tae-kyun looked at the pole on the right, Samsung Oh Seung-hwan looked at the billboard at the top of the dugout, and then moved his gaze to the target. Both said, “If you move your gaze to the target after looking elsewhere, you will be focused like a pinpoint.”

Lee Tae-yeon, who achieved the first strikeout and hold record in just two games, laughed, saying, “I want to win a save next time.” “It is too early to talk about the rookie king,” but “a bold newcomer,” who stressed that he would “challenge,” flowed into Lotte’s left-handed bullpen like rain during a drought.

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