“Maguire + 61 billion won ↔ Kane”… FW recommended by ‘Swap Deal’

Striker Frank McAveny, who has experience in English Premier League West Ham and Aston Villa, drew attention with an unusual proposal to Manchester United and Tottenham.

McAveny has proposed swapping 스포츠토토 Tottenham striker Harry Kane, who has recently been linked with a move to Manchester United, with defender Harry Maguire, who seems certain to leave Manchester United. It is a ‘swap deal’ proposal to exchange Maguire with Kane by adding cash.

Kane is likely to leave Tottenham at the end of the season. Although he is a Tottenham legend, he has never won a championship. Many experts are advising to leave with a winning team.

In this situation, there is an analysis that the hearts of Manchester United and Kane, who need to win, can match. Manchester United plans to move forward to the championship by signing Kane this summer.

Maguire, on the other hand, is likely to leave Manchester United. Maguire’s downtrend is unstoppable. This is the reason why rumors of Maguire’s transfer have been constantly circulating since the start of this season. Maguire will remain at United until this season, but the prospect is that he will wear a different shirt for the summer.

McAveny said in an interview with Britain’s ‘Football Insider’ on the 30th (Korean time), “The Manchester United uniform is too heavy for Maguire. It doesn’t look like a Man United player. Maguire will leave Manchester United at the end of this season.”

He continued, “The best destination for Maguire is Tottenham. Maguire will want to go to a good club, and Tottenham is a good club.

At the same time, he emphasized that it would be the best case scenario if Tottenham’s Kane went to Manchester United.

McAveny explained: “The Kane-Maguire swap deal is the best bet for everyone. We can make the perfect situation. If Manchester United give Maguire another £40m (60.9 billion won), it would be a perfect deal.” .

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