Manchester United’s Super Emergency! “Key” defender returns from injury, replaced after twisting knee during game… “Disaster for him”

Manchester United key defender Lisandro Martinez was injured during the game.

Manchester United defeated West Ham United 3-0 in the 23rd round of the 2023/24 season of the English Premier League held at Old Trafford in Manchester, England on Sunday (Korea time). With this, Manchester United has jumped to sixth place in the league.

With this victory, Manchester United had no loss in five official matches, signaling a rebound, but it was hard to smile. It was because of Martinez’s injury.

In the 21st minute of the second half, Martinez fell during a competition with Vladimir Coufal. Martinez’s knee was crushed by Coufal and twisted as it was. Martinez called the medical staff, complaining of great pain.

Martinez appeared to be okay as he entered the stadium again, but soon he lay down again. He shook his head and felt the injury. In the end, he was replaced by Raphael Varane in the 25th minute of the second half.

“It’s very bad. I can’t tell you (yet). It’s a big concern because my injury doesn’t look good. However, we have to wait for the diagnosis over the next few days. Then we can talk about more,” he said.

He added, “We do everything to get the right diagnosis. Martinez is very sad and disappointed. We all sympathize with him. It’s a disaster for him. But let’s wait and see what it is.”

“It is important to make the right decision. The best soccer depends on the right details. If the details do not work properly, you will lose a point. There have been too many such things this season,” coach Ten Ha-ch said, reflecting on the previous seasons. 꽁머니지급

Ten Hach hoped that no injuries would occur. “We have time to adjust to the best 11 during the season. That’s not the case now. I don’t want Martinez to go through a process like that. I want to get out of that,” he said.

Martinez collapsed at the end of the second half in the quarterfinals of the UEFA Europa League with Seville last season. The injury was so severe that he could not walk alone. The test result was a metatarsal injury. The season out was decided as it was.

He returned to play early this season, but was somewhat sluggish due to the aftermath of the injury. It turned out that he was not well recovered. The injury recurred due to excessive participation and was put back on the operating table in September. Since then, he only returned in January.

If Martinez leaves the team due to a long-term injury, Manchester United is simply in a state of emergency. Earlier this season, Johnny Evans, Varane, Harry Maguire and others played as central defenders, but no player received a passing score. If Martinez’s injury is prolonged, Manchester United must think about a defensive combination again.

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