Mbappe ultimately chooses to move to Real Madrid

Mbappe ends up going to Real Madrid.

French media “Le Parisien” reported in a breaking news report on the 4th (Korean time), “The biggest star of French football will join the world’s biggest club next season.”

Mbappe is the hottest figure in the next transfer window and is curious about his future. With strong links to Real Madrid, he has not extended his contract, which expires in 2024. In June 2023, according to a report by L’Equipe, “Mbappe will not use the option of extending the contract until June 2025 given to him.”

PSG President Naser Al-Khelaifi told Mbappe in a press conference that he would not send Mbappe to free agency in the summer and that he would have to renew his contract if he wanted to stay. He also mentioned that he could transfer if he did not renew his contract.

In the meantime, he seemed to admit his discord with the team by saying in an interview with the French media, “I think playing in Paris doesn’t do much to emphasize my performance. This will of course cause controversy, but I don’t care because I know what I’m doing and how I do it.”

According to the club, Paris recently tried all sorts of solutions and proposals for Mbappe, including offering him a “sell guarantee” clause until the end of this season. However, Mbappe’s aides reportedly rejected the proposal.

Mbappe, who seemed to end up with Paris, eventually stayed in Paris after Neymar left for Saudi Arabia, and is showing off his skills this season as well. He scored 18 goals in 16 matches in the Ligue 1, making a way for the frustrated Paris attacks.

Real Madrid continues to show interest in him. Real were now going to have one last contact.

I will not tolerate vague answers or evasions. If Mbappe says he is willing to sign, he must sign the contract in February. Real are offering the same conditions they agreed on in May 2022. The conditions are an annual salary of 26 million euros and a down payment of 130 million euros. There is no more urgent situation for the club, as Real already thinks their offense has been sufficiently reinforced with Bellingham, Vinicius, Hodrigu, and Endrick.

As Al-Khelaifi mentioned in a recent interview, there was still a possibility that Mbappe would stay at PSG. Al-Khelaifi told RMC Sports on Tuesday, “I will not hide it. Of course, I hope Mbappe stays. He is the best player in the world and the best club for Mbappe is Paris. Mbappe is the center of everything. I have a very good relationship with him. After the meeting with Toulouse, Mbappe said he had an agreement with me. It is more of a gentlemanly agreement than a signature. Negotiations have not progressed much at this time.”

He continued, “At the moment, he’s 25 years old and he’s still young. He can still lift a lot of trophies with us and the French national team. He has the best training center and the best coach in the world. And every year we play in the Champions League, and we go a long way. We are with the biggest clubs. I have full trust in Mbappe. Mbappe will never do anything to harm the club. We are all one family.”

However, Mbappe decided to leave Paris. Le Parisien wrote, “Mbappe has not left PSG yet to sign for Real Madrid. For many, however, the inevitable will happen at PSG, as in French soccer as a whole. The biggest star of French soccer will join the world’s biggest club next season.” 마카오토토

The media continued, “Meanwhile, Mbappe keeps his decision a secret, thinking about the right time to announce his choice. Mbappe will do his best to win every possible title this season.”

If Mbappe leaves Paris, the blow will be significantly greater for Paris. Failure to bring in a replacement quickly could result in significant damage.

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