Miura likes Korea, why Korean lunchboxes are so good?

“The bulgogi, kimchi, and egg rolls I’ve seen in dramas taste better in lunch boxes.”

The Japanese Women’s University Selection defeated the Korean Women’s University Selection 79-44 in the final game of the 46th Korea-Japan University Basketball Tournament held at Yonsei University Gymnasium on the 21st.

Japan won the first game by 22 points, 79-57, and won the second game by 114-58, then completely overwhelmed Korea with a 35-point difference. Japan posted an average of 90.7 points in three games and allowed an average of 53.0 points. The goal difference is 37.7 points.

With this victory, Japan has won 6 consecutive tournaments and has won 14 consecutive victories since the second game in 2008.

Among the Japanese players, the players who scored in double digits in all three matches were Maika Miura along with Upoma Tanaka.

Tanaka was Japan’s ace. However, Miura scored in double digits in each of his three matches, despite coming on as a substitute. Miura averaged 12.3 points, 2.3 assists and 1.3 steals in three games.

After finishing this competition, Miura said, “I am happy to participate in such a good competition. While playing against Korea, I thought that rebounding, fighting, and physicality were good,” he said. “I will try to become a player who can do various things by developing strength like Korean players.

When she said that she scored in double digits every time even though she played as a substitute, Miura said, “Even as a starter or substitute, I tried to pour everything I had. She went out after preparing to play the game the director asked for.”

The reason Miura was able to score double digits each time was thanks to her high field goal success rate. Miura recorded a field goal success rate of 66.7% (17/24).

Miura said, “I play as a starter in my team. He runs as a substitute and there are times when his feet don’t come off. He said he would try to start on the defensive if things didn’t go as he initially intended. He focused on defense, warmed up, and played according to a routine that brought concentration, so the results were good.”

One of the secrets of Japan’s overwhelm over Korea is its stamina.

When asked how Miura usually does physical training, he said, “I train to run to the point where it makes no sense. I don’t know about other schools, but at our school, we do a lot of running training after team training because we don’t have enough players to get hurt. It is to enable anyone to run a lot. So he endures well,” he said. “I became a scout for basketball at school, so studying is important, but I put more weight on basketball. Basic classes are included,” he said.

Japanese coach Koji Tamaki said, “All teams have the task of playing basketball with speed in order to win in Japan as a whole (on the international stage). Under the influence of such an environment, this kind of performance comes out even in college.”

When Miura wondered if she would do a full-court press on the university stage, she said, “I’ve been doing a lot lately in Japan. Many teams use pressure defense after scoring. In Japanese universities, the full-court press is mainstream.”메이저놀이터

Among the Japanese women’s national team players, there are many players who like Korea, she says. Among them, she said, she ate the lunchbox deliciously.

Miuri said, “I really like Korea. She likes Korean food, and she likes Korean K-pop, so she likes idols. In the eyes of the Japanese, Koreans have good skin, so I bought a lot of mask packs,” he said.

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