Mongolian boxing graduate, first win after acquiring Korean citizenship. 3 consecutive KO wins against Brazilian players. Brazilian Killer Became 

Nandin Erden won his first victory after winning Korean nationality.

Nandin Erden (36, Namyangju Team Finish) pounded Brazil’s Philippe Jejus (31)메이저사이트 in the ROAD FC 064 -70kg Lightweight Tournament 4th match held at the Wonju Sports Complex on the 24th, TKO in 1 minute and 44 seconds in the first round. won

Prior to this match, Korean players such as Cha Min-hyeok, Han Sang-kwon, Park Hyung-geun, Yoon Tae-young, Park Hae-jin, and Ang Ji-yong all had six consecutive losses against foreign players, but Nandin Erden reported his first victory as a Korean player.

Nandin Erden will meet Japan’s Devana Shutaro, who defeated Park Hae-jin, in the semifinals.

Nandin Erden, a former member of the Mongolian national team, has settled down in Korea with his wife, and recently acquired Korean nationality and was assigned as a Korean seed for this tournament. Nandin Erden was showing confidence this time around as he had previously defeated Brazilian players Bruno Miranda and Tonino Furia by KO at Road FC.

Jejus is a seasoned fighter with a record of 11 wins and 4 losses. He is 1m70 tall, small for a lightweight, but boasts a strong punch with a solid body. It is evaluated that it is better than Nandin Erden on the ground, but it is evaluated that Nandin Erden, who has a long reach, will have an advantage in hitting.

In the beginning, Nandin Erden pressed Jejus with punches, and Jejus responded with a high kick. When Jejus tried to go to grappling, which is his specialty, Nandin Erden rather took the opportunity. Jejus, who was trying to knock Nandin Erden by the waist, was rather knocked back by Nandin Erden, and he immediately threw a pounding from the top position. Punches poured in before Jejus had time to defend properly, and eventually the referee stopped the match.

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