“More than 6 years!” Oh Ji-hwan, the first man, is still thirsty

After signing a multi-year contract with the LG Twins, Oh Ji-hwan burned his will while looking further afield.

On the 19th, LG announced that it had signed a multi-year contract with Oh Ji-hwan for a total of 12.4 billion won, with a guarantee of 10 billion won and an option of 2.4 billion won for six years from 2024 to 2029.

Above all, this multi-year contract is meaningful as it is the first for the LG club and the first shortstop to open the era of 10 billion won.

In a recent phone call with My Daily, Oh Ji-hwan said, “I feel really good. The club’s first qualifier is good, but I’m proud to have raised my status as a shortstop. Isn’t it said that the flower of an infielder in baseball is a shortstop? I’m glad that that part has been raised. He said, “Every year, catchers are evaluated as precious. It is meaningful that the shortstop can also raise that value.”

While signing this multi-year contract, the situation from 4 years ago was recalled. Oh Ji-hwan, who obtained FA qualification in 2019, entrusted the club with a blank slate, signed a contract for a total of 4 billion won over 4 years, and stayed with LG. Even at that time, Oh Ji-hwan’s contract was evaluated as a so-called ‘hyeja contract’ for a smaller amount than expected.

However, Oh Ji-hwan proudly raised his value.안전놀이터

He said, “Many people compare (four years ago), but I think I am now because I had a free agent contract at that time. It was my goal to become a player who could be recognized.”

When asked if he was recognized for this contract, he said, “Yes. A multi-year contract means that the player is treated well. I am proud. This is the first case in LG, and I am proud to have such a title.” expressed

He made it clear that the multi-year deal is not over. The goal Oh Ji-hwan wanted to achieve was even greater.

Oh Ji-hwan said, “I signed a six-year contract, but I have a bigger dream. My goal is to play longer. Another dream of a player is a permanent absence. I want to play longer than six years so that I can become a permanent player. . It should be recognized more,” he said.

Oh Ji-hwan will wear the captain’s armband this year as well as last year. He said, “I will prepare well to become a hopeful LG Twins that can give joy to the fans. I will do my best to become a team that can give a lot of joy with a bright face during the season. We have to taste the victory.” told

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