‘Mourinho’s 3rd Chelsea shock return?’…Chelsea fans who want ‘Special One’ 0% chance, “Mourinho has already rejected Chelsea, he doesn’t even fit with Boehly.”

Jose Mourinho was replaced in a surprise move by AS Roma in Serie A, Italy. Then Mourinho’s “shocking return” began again. It is Chelsea in the English Premier League.

Mourinho is the manager who led Chelsea in its golden age. He took the helm from 2004 to 2007, and returned to Chelsea in 2013 before leading the team until 2015. Under Mourinho, Chelsea has won a total of eight matches including three EPL titles. He is still the manager that Chelsea fans admire the most 헤라카지노.

Chelsea is facing its worst period. It humiliatingly ranked 13th in the league last season. Mauricio Pochettino took the helm this season, but is ranking ninth in the league. There is no sign of a reversal.

Rumors of Pochettino’s replacement are rising. John Obi Mikel, who played as a leading midfielder for Chelsea in the past, also said, “Pochettino needs to be replaced. We gave him enough time. Half a year has passed. It is time to win. What is the point of Pochettino when he cannot win?”

Pochettino was rumored to be dismissed, and Mourinho coincidentally became unemployed. A justification was created to come back to Chelsea.

However, Mourinho has a “zero chance” of returning to Chelsea for the third time. Why? He has already expressed his refusal to accept the offer.

“Mourinho has been replaced, and Chelsea fans are looking forward to seeing him at Stamford Bridge again. However, Mourinho has already been offered a chance to return to Chelsea, but he has refused,” reported Britain’s Mirror.

“After two successful careers at Chelsea, Mourinho was able to serve his third term in May 2023. It was time for Graham Potter to be replaced. However, Mourinho said he would focus on AS Roma at the time. A similar situation is happening now, and Mourinho’s return to Chelsea has another possibility,” he explained.

Against this backdrop, winger Pat Nevin, who played for Chelsea from 1983 to 1988, said, “There is no possibility that Mourinho will return to Chelsea. Chelsea’s plan doesn’t match Mourinho. It doesn’t even match the new owner. It’s not Mourinho’s style. It doesn’t make sense for Mourinho to come back to Chelsea.”

In addition, some argued that if Roman Abramovich was the owner, he would have increased the possibility of Mourinho’s return, but it is impossible under Todd Boehly’s team system. The owner of Boehly’s team is not looking at Mourinho, and Mourinho is also not willing to work under Boehly’s system.

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