No breaks, no breaks! ’12G full-time’ Kim Young-kwon, ‘overwhelming leader’ Ulsan’s real power! 

Ulsan Hyundai’s 2023 season is unstoppable. Since the opening, in 12 matches, 10 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss, and 31 points are running at the top of’Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023′. The gap with 2nd place FC Seoul (7 wins, 2 draws, 3 losses, 23 points) is also significant, so it is expected that it will continue its solo run for the time being.

Ulsan became very sticky this year, the third year as coach Hong Myung-bo. I completely said goodbye to the past, which collapsed on my own at every juncture. The more we play, the stronger we become, and the team that never loses. We draw quality matches, and turn likely tie games into victories. The same was true of the 12th round home game at Ulsan Munsu Stadium on the 9th. Gangwon FC, who locked the back door, struggled quite a bit, but eventually won 1-0.안전놀이터

The potential of Ulsan, which is running an overwhelming race, is also proven by its records. While scoring 23 goals by round 12, they lost only 9 goals. It is the only single-digit loss among 12 teams. There are 4 scoreless matches. This data fits perfectly with the adage, ‘If you attack well, you win, if you defend well, you win’.

The role of national team veteran centerback Kim Young-kwon (33) cannot be left out. Played all 12 games full-time. If you add up to the two consecutive matches between Colombia and Uruguay in March, in which you played all 90 minutes, there has been no game off even for a moment since the start of this season.

Still, the pace did not drop. ▲ Accurate position selection ▲ Aerial ball handling ▲ Blocking of the opponent’s pass path ▲ Daring forward play, etc., are outstanding in all aspects. There is no attack point yet in K League 1, which is in its second season following last year, but as evidenced by scoring in two World Cups in a row, joining the set piece is quite threatening.

Kim Young-kwon (left). Sports Donga DB

Of course, fatigue certainly builds up. But I am managing my condition well. The Ulsan coaching staff chose consideration through management rather than unconditional rest. “It plays a very important role. In response to Director Hong’s explanation, “I’m constantly talking (with Kim Young-kwon), but my body isn’t bad,” Kim Young-kwon said, “Sometimes there are difficult parts, but I’m being managed with a focus on recovery between actual battles.”

In addition, the physical difficulties are sufficiently offset by the team atmosphere. In any situation, Ulsan is full of pleasant energy that everything will be fine in the end. With the mental stability brought about by the fall of long-time rival Jeonbuk Hyundai to the ever-accumulating winning mentality and team spirit, Ulsan is transforming into an invincible team.

Kim Young-kwon did not hesitate to reveal his will to change the current ‘overwhelming lead’ to ‘perfect championship’ to his close friend Kim. He said, “It was like that last season, and Jeonbuk will eventually catch up, but it won’t be easy. We will spread the points as much as possible. I will make them give up (the chase) at all,” he said forcefully.

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