‘Nothing to lose’ Shin Tae-yong’s bigger miracle challenge against Indonesia and Australia

“I want to go to the quarterfinals and face Korea.”

Coach Shin Tae-yong, who led the Korean national team to a 2-0 win over Germany at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, is set to lead the Indonesian team to challenge the miracle once again. He is looking forward to advancing to the quarterfinals at the 2023 Asian Football Confederation Qatar Asian Cup. His opponent is Australia’s powerhouse Socceroos.

Indonesia got on the last train to advance to the round of 16. They dramatically secured a wild card at the last minute. They joined the round of 16 in 16th place. Kyrgyzstan in Group F succeeded in turning the tables with Oman in a 1-1 draw. In other words, Shin Tae-yong, a “miracle expert,” directed a small miracle with Indonesia.

Indonesia, which belongs to Group D, was classified as an underdog. It competed with Japan, Iraq and Vietnam to advance to the tournament, but it was expected that it would not be easy. It seemed that it would not be able to overcome Japan, which is considered the strongest candidate, and Iraq, the powerhouse in the Middle East. Coach Park Hang-seo put down his baton, but Vietnam was a burdensome opponent due to its rapid rise in power. 헤라카지노

The team met with Iraq in the first group match. The team performed well by scoring an equalizer, but lost 1-3 due to bad decisions made by the judges. In the second group match, the team won the match against Vietnam. The team won 1-0 thanks to Asnaoui Mankualam’s penalty kick finisher, who had played an active part in the K-League amid tight matches. The team lost 1-3 in the third group match against Japan. The team showed off its fighting spirit at the end of the match and scored a comeback goal, further raising the possibility of becoming a wild card.

Indonesia ranked third in Group D with one win, two losses, three points, and six points, and three points, ranked fourth in the wild card battle against third in another group. It beat Oman and China, which had two draws, one loss and two points, to become the last hero to advance to the round of 16. It has won the Asian Cup finals for the first time in 17 years since the 2007 event, and achieved the feat of advancing to the tournament for the first time in its history.

Now coach Shin Tae-yong is aiming for another miracle against Australia on Tuesday (Korea time). Australia ranked No. 1 in Group B of the tournament. The team had two wins, one draw and seven points in its battle with Uzbekistan, Syria and India, advancing to the round of 16 teams as the group leader. Shin is clearly one step ahead of Indonesia in terms of performance and goal. However, he has no intention of backing down. “We are not that good as Australia, but we are trying to make something,” Shin told a press conference on Wednesday. “Australia definitely has a loophole. I want to beat Australia and play a quarterfinal match against Korea.”

Meanwhile, Korea, which is ranking second in Group E with one win, two draws and five points, will play against Saudi Arabia, which is ranked first in Group F, in the round of 16 on February 31. If the team defeats Saudi Arabia, it will play the winner of the round of 16 match between Australia and Indonesia, in the quarterfinals on February 3.

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