“Nursery school teacher’s breasts are too big and irritating”… Controversy over post asking how to get fired

A post has been posted saying that a daycare teacher has a big heart and is looking for a way to fire the teacher.

On the 5th, an article was posted on Naver Intellectuals토토사이트 titled ‘The daycare teacher is annoying me the more I think about it. Is there any way to cut it?’

Mr. A said that he felt uncomfortable seeing the newly appointed daycare teacher in a situation where he was sending his nephew to and from the daycare center.

She said to the teacher that she said, “I told the teacher to wear a bandage because her breasts are too big, which is not good for the children.”

When the teacher ignored Mr. A’s request, she wrote that Mr. A “put in a complaint and reported it as child abuse.”

She added, “Looking at Instagram, she has a boyfriend. Should I call her boyfriend and complain?”

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education has decided to set up a complaint response team as a countermeasure against malicious complaints from parents starting next month to restore and protect teaching rights. The School Rights Protection Committee, which was held by the school, is also transferred to the Office of Education, and education officials directly participate in the first investigation on reports of child abuse.

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