Ogino OK Financial Group’s new manager “‘Ogi-sang’ rather than a manager, entering the PO first before winning”

‘Friendly, realistic.’

Ogino Massage (53), a Japanese coach, has been named as the top 3 commander of OK Financial Group for the next season. As the team’s first foreign manager and the first Japanese manager in the men’s division, he set realistic goals while valuing ‘communication’ with the players.

Coach Ogino attended the inaugural press conference held at the Korea Volleyball Federation in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul on the 7th. Active as a defensive outside hitter for the Japanese national team during his active career, he participated in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and participated in the world championships three times.

He also has ties to Korea. Coach Ogino has faced South Korea several times in international competitions. He said, “I have played many matches against Korean teams in the national team. When the Japanese national team and the Korean national team played, there were a lot of close matches, and even though I was a Japanese player, I had respect for the Korean players.”

Ogino’s career ended in 2010. Since then, he has been a member of the Suntory Sunbirds in the Japanese League. OK Financial Group revealed the background of the appointment, saying, “I thought he was the right person to fill the basics and defensive organization skills lacking in the team and understanding of Korean volleyball.”

Last season, OK Financial Group ranked 6th in receiving (31.53% efficiency), 7th in dig (7.787 per set), and 7th in defense (13.684 per set), hovering at the bottom in the defense category.

Director Ogino is also well aware of the weaknesses of OK Financial Group. He said, “There are many good teams in Korea. I think the defense is particularly good, but among them, I think OK Financial Group is lacking in defense. We intend to strengthen it,” he said.

Externally, he emphasized ‘skinship’ with the players. Active ‘communication’ approaching the players first is also what Coach Ogino envisions.

He said, “We set a rule within the team not to be called a manager. I hope you all call me ‘Ogi-san’. Then maybe we can have a more friendly conversation. I always have a desire to approach you in a friendly way. The culture may be different, but we emphasize friendly communication.”

He said, “I value communication during practice. The player is the subject, and the manager’s role is to give advice when it’s difficult. Our team has many players with potential for growth. I hope I become a manager who can give advice when the game is not going well.”

Add realistic goals to this. OK Financial Group has not been able to play spring volleyball since the 2015-2016 season. There are many seasons where I missed the last train ticket to spring volleyball by a short distance. Last season was like that too.토토사이트

Coach Ogino said, “I want to win, but my goal right now is to advance to the playoffs. Last season, we couldn’t advance to the playoffs by a narrow margin, so there is a lot of regret within the team. He said, “I will play a season from the standpoint of a challenger,” and expressed his aspirations, “I will create a team color that will not give up until the end, and will not give up at any time.” 

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