Park Gwang-on, who voted down, screamed and had an emergency meeting the day before… What was Jaemyung Lee’s message?

During the vote on the arrest of Lee Jae-myung, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, held at the National Assembly on the 21st, the reporter’s camera captured floor leader Park Gwang-on submitting a ballot with the word ‘Boo’ on it. However, with the Democratic Party receiving a large number of withdrawal votes, it is assessed that floor leader Park’s campaign to persuade the party to reject the motion was in vain.

According to Lee So-young, the Democratic Party’s floor spokesperson, on the 21st, at a closed general meeting of lawmakers held ahead of the plenary session this afternoon, Floor Leader Park said, “In active consideration of the concerns about the management of the party that some lawmakers have and the need for party innovation, the floor leader and the party leader will discuss the matter.” “We will work together,” he said. “Please join us in rejecting the motion to arrest Representative Lee today.” A re-elected lawmaker said, “This is the first time that floor leader Park has appealed for the vote to be rejected for the sake of unity, based on his personal opinion rather than the opinion of the entire leadership.”

On this morning, Floor Leader Park visited the Green Hospital where Representative Lee, who was fasting, was hospitalized, and had a separate meeting with Representative Lee. Representative Park relayed his conversation with Representative Lee at the general assembly and said, “(Representative Lee) is aware that there are lawmakers who are concerned about the party leader or leadership’s management of the party, but he has no intention of running the party in a biased manner.” “He said, “The leadership said that they will work together to gather diverse opinions in running the party and contribute to the unification of lawmakers.” Spokesperson Lee said, “The intention is to consider establishing an organization to ensure that diverse opinions are reflected in the party leadership’s decision-making.”

According to JoongAng Ilbo’s coverage, it is said that floor leader Park met with Representative Lee on this day and presented a kind of ‘compromise plan’ that gathered the opinions of lawmakers from each faction until the night before. A neutral re-elected lawmaker said, “On the 20th, lawmakers from ‘Better Future’ and ‘Democracy 4.0’ met respectively, and after the meeting, floor leader Park met with multiple lawmakers from each group to come up with a compromise solution. discussed. Afterwards, I believe that floor leader Park personally persuaded non-member lawmakers to reject the motion, saying, ‘Let’s go in here together.’” Better Future is the party’s largest group of neutral lawmakers, and Democracy 4.0 is a study group led by pro-Moon faction lawmakers.
As a result, the ^installation of a new organization^integrated party operation, etc., introduced by floor leader Park at the general election, were compromise measures to appease the non-members who were concerned about being eliminated from nomination in토토사이트 the general election.

After the meeting on the night of the 20th, Rep. Shin Dong-geun, who is classified as a non-religious member, is said to have posted a compromise proposal containing contents such as establishing an ‘Integration and Vision Committee (tentative name)’ in the lawmakers’ group SNS chat room. Although the lawmakers did not give a specific answer to this, many interpreted it as “generally there was an atmosphere of sympathy for the compromise” (first-time lawmaker). Supreme Council member Jeong Cheong-rae, a pro-Myung faction member, met with reporters just before the plenary session and evaluated the proposal to establish an integrated organization as “a proposal that is bound to reach a general consensus” and “a good context.”

However, in the end, floor leader Park’s battle to persuade the motion to reject the motion failed. A member of the metropolitan area, who is considered to be a non-member, said, “In fact, the term ‘establishing an integrated organization’ is really meaningless. “So, did you admit that you have not been running the party in a unified way until now?” he said. “There was a movement among the members to reject it as the floor leader was active between yesterday and today, but it was not enough.” A Democratic Party official said, “It sounded like the establishment of an integrated organization would be done at the discretion of the party leader, just like the ‘Kim Eun-kyung Innovation Committee.’” A re-elected lawmaker said, “In the end, the message that the party leader overturned his promise to give up the privilege of non-arrest without an apology yesterday (20th) had a more negative impact than the compromise solution.”

Within the party, there is also talk of responsibility for the leadership of the National Assembly, which is composed of non-affiliated members. A first-time lawmaker who is considered pro-Myeong faction complained, “I don’t know why floor leader Park couldn’t decide to reject it based on party lines in the first place,” and “He should step down.” The ‘Democratic Innovation Council’, composed of outsiders, issued a statement this afternoon and argued, “All members of the floor delegation, including the floor leader, who failed to protect the party leader from the Yoon Seok-yeol regime must resign.” On this day, immediately after the arrest motion was passed, only three supporters stood in front of Green Hospital, where Representative Lee was hospitalized, and there were no conflicts or unusual incidents.

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