“Payment was not a big problem” A 20-year-old OP who hates studying and catches a volleyball now dreams of becoming a “post Moon Jeong-won”

“I thought I should play big volleyball for a fee.”

Lee Min-seo, a graduate of Sunseon Girls’ High School, was nominated by Pepper Savings Bank as the third pick in the first round of the rookie draft last year. Last season, which was his debut season, Lee Min-seo played 27 games and scored 21 points. He mainly came out as a one-point server. He made a strong impression on the fans with a sub that reminds him of Moon Jeong-won of the Korea Expressway Corporation.

Although he did not win the rookie of the year, he had a meaningful season in his own right, ranking second in the rookie of the year vote following KGC Ginseng Corporation Choi Hyo-seo.

Lee Min-seo, whom we met at Pepper Stadium in Gwangju on the 15th, said, “My score last season was 60 points. I think the part that made me lack confidence is a big part. I regret that if I had been a little more confident, I would have scored even one more point. I did it with confidence at the beginning and the second half of the season, but I think I lost confidence when I made a miss in the middle. Since I’m a rookie, I should have done it with confidence even if I made a mistake… ” he said regretfully.

He is doing his best in off-season training to erase the regrets of his debut season.

He said, “If it was a role to help my sisters a lot during the season, now I have to find something to do. I have to do my workout. That way, you can enter at least one more time during the season. I try to find as many things as possible during exercise time,” he said with strength.

Lee Min-seo is one year older than his draft mates. The reason is that he chose a grade in elementary school. When he was in the 6th grade of elementary school, he first caught a volleyball, and made the difficult decision of continuing to pursue his dream of becoming a volleyball player.

He laughed, saying, “I spent two years only in the 6th grade of elementary school,” and said, “I didn’t want to study at that time. It was paid and I thought that I should play volleyball no matter what. Even now, I still hate studying. He recently studied for his driver’s license written test. After the exam was over, the energy came to my body. He was about to take cold medicine. To that extent, I am not suited to studying.”

In addition, Lee Min-seo went to Daegu Iljung and transferred to Gyeonghae Girls’ Middle School. When she was in her third year of middle school, after the boys’ sports competition, she received a scouting offer from Gyeonghae Girls’ Middle School and transferred in June of that year. She and she went on to Sunshine Girls’ High School.

Her dream of her immigration is to help her team with a stable receive like her road construction Moon Jeong-won.먹튀검증

He said, “My middle school teacher told me to watch Won-won’s videos a lot. She is very good at receiving, even though her older sister is not on the tall side of hers either. She wants to be a player who helps the team, like her older sister Jung-won,” she smiled.

Finally, “It is not the first year now. It is my second year, so even if I enter once, I will show a responsible image,” she said with determination.

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