Pittsburgh without a chance to challenge… Bae Ji-hwan, a wild horse, moves his feet because he is unfair

Pittsburgh Pirates multiplayer Bae Ji-hwan (24) shows regret near second base. He looks at the dugout wistfully, but eventually has to reverse his steps.

On the 13th (Korean time), Bae Ji-hwan started as the 8th batter and second baseman against the Baltimore Orioles in the ‘2023 Major League Baseball’ held at Oriole Park in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

On this day, Bae Ji-hwan stirred Baltimore with his long-term baseball game. In the top of the 7th inning, he hit to the right after two outs and went on base. He immediately stole second base, but the decision was out.

Bae Ji-hwan couldn’t leave his seat for a while as if it was unfair. This is because Bae Ji-hwan’s hand seemed to touch the base a little faster when looking at the slow screen.

But there was nothing Pittsburgh could do. This is because the defense in the bottom of the 6th failed the video challenge and lost the opportunity and could not read the video anymore. In the end, Bae Ji-Hwan recorded his third stolen base failure of the season.먹튀검증

Although there was a steal, Bae Ji-hwan’s performance shone throughout the game.

He got to base with an infield hit after coming on as the leadoff batter in the top of the third inning, then went all the way to third base on a wild pitch and a teammate’s grounder. Shortstop Jorge Mateo, conscious of Bae Ji-hwan’s efforts, made a mistake in throwing after Ki Brian Hayes’ ground ball, and Bae Ji-hwan quickly swept the home plate and scored.

On this day, Bae Ji-hwan’s final score was 4 at-bats, 2 hits and 1 run. However, he failed to prevent the team from losing. Pittsburgh fell into a three-game losing streak with a 3-6 loss.

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