PL relegation zone will change… ‘Lyngaard’s former team’ Nottingham cuts 4 points due to PSR violation → 18th place fall

Nottingham Forest have been handed a four-point deduction.

The Premier League (PL) secretariat officially announced on the 19th (Korea Standard Time), “The PL Independent Committee will immediately apply a four-point deduction to Nottingham for violating the Premier League’s profitability and sustainability rules (PSR) during the end of the 2022-23 season.”

The BBC reported on Wednesday that “Nottingham received a four-point deduction for breaching PSR. The immediate deduction of points will drop Nottingham to the relegation zone, which is the place under Luton Town. They are the second team to be disciplined for a PSR violation after Everton appealed their 10-point deduction in November to six points.”

“The Premier League clubs stipulate that no more than 105 million pounds (about 170 billion won) in losses over three seasons. However, the maximum loss was allowed only up to 61 million pounds because Nottingham spent two years in the English Championship (second tier). The appeals process must be completed before May 24, five days from the last day of this season, by league regulations,” he added.

Nottingham succeeded in being promoted to the top team in the last 2021-22 season. Going back a long time ago, the team once grabbed a championship title in 1977-78. The team is truly an old-fashioned English team that has won two UEFA Champions League titles in the 1978-79 and 1979-80 seasons as well as the Premier League. 룸알바

Coach Steve Cooper was newly appointed to Nottingham in September 2021, after a long period of promotion and relegation that rarely made it to the first division. Nottingham, led by Coach Cooper, was ranked fourth in the 2021-22 season to participate in the promotion playoffs, and will return to the Premier League stage for the first time in 23 years after winning the final match against Sheffield United.

After returning to the PL after a long hiatus, Nottingham made bold investments during the summer transfer window. During the year, the team made “storms of recruitment” including Hwang Ui-jo and Jesse Lingard, and started the season with 42 players including loanees. However, they needed time to adjust to the top flight. Their performance rarely improved, and they had to overcome many crises due to a series of injuries. By finishing the season in 16th place, Nottingham avoided relegation with Leicester City in 18th place by just four points.

The team started the season with a desperate start, but the team’s momentum tilted again. As the slump intensified, Cooper, who led the promotion, was replaced and Nunu Espirito Santo was appointed. However, it still did not work, and the team’s performance is currently down to 17th, just above the relegation zone, with six wins, seven draws, and 16 losses.

In the midst of this, bad news overlapped. In January, he was indicted by the PL Judicial Council on PSR charges. Along with Nottingham, Everton were also charged with additional charges found during the final settlement of accounts for the 2022-23 season. Everton were given a 10-point cut when they were first referred to the PL Independent Council in November, but they were successfully appealed and changed to a 6-point cut.

Nottingham has come forward to protest. According to the Guardian, Nottingham has claimed to have avoided a financial crisis through a £47.5 million (about W80 billion) transfer fee that occurred when the club’s youth player Brennan Johnson was traded to Tottenham Hotspur in September. However, the PL Judicial Council has reportedly refused to accept the offer.

If Nottingham’s points are cut, the team will immediately advance to the relegation zone. Sheffield, ranked 20th, currently at the bottom of the Premier League, has 14 points, Burnley, ranked 19th, 17 points, and Luton Town, ranked 18th. If Nottingham is cut by four points, it will be in reverse with Luton Town and fall to the 18th place in the relegation zone. Nottingham is reportedly planning to appeal.

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