Preliminary victory Gwangmun High School – Yeongdeungpo Technical High School Round of 16 match ‘Big Match’ Notice

The main lineup of the ‘2023 Geumgang National High School Football Tournament’, which determines the strongest national high school football team, has been completed. Four teams from Gangwon-do were named on the roster.

The 3rd round of the Geumgang Waiting Qualifier ended on the 11th. On this day, the 10 teams that went directly to the round of 16 as first place in the group, the two teams that advanced to the round of 16 despite finishing second in the group, and the eight teams that placed second in the group that advanced to the round of 20 were determined. Gangneung Munseong High School, Gangneung Jungang High School (Gangwon), SOLFCU18, Gwangmun High School, Pyeongtaek FCU18 (Gyeonggi), Jungdong High School, Junggyeong High School, Yeongdeungpo Technical High School (Seoul), Pyeonghae Information High School (Gyeongbuk), Cheonan Jeil High School (above) Chungnam), etc. Mirae High School, Jucheon High School (Gangwon), Bucheon Jungdong FCU18, Ansan FCU18, Icheon Yulmyeon FCU18 (Gyeonggi), Soongsil High School (Seoul), Jecheon Jeil High School (Chungbuk), Yesan Sapgyo FCU18, Chungnam Seosan FCU18 (Chungnam) and Bupyeong High School (Incheon). Among them, Mirae High School and Bucheon Jungdong FCU18 advanced to the round of 16 following Dae Jin-woon.메이저사이트

Meanwhile, as a result of the bracket lottery held at Gangnam Soccer Park at 7:00 pm on the same day, the four teams in the province that advanced to the finals were all concentrated in one group, and at least one team advanced to the quarterfinals. Gangneung Jungang High School and Mirae High School will meet in the round of 16, and Gangneung Munseong High School will face the winning team from Jucheon High School and Soongsil High School in the round of 16. From the point of view of Gangneung citizens, they looked forward to the Gangneung Derby, a match between Gangneung Jungang High School and Gangneung Munseong High School in the quarterfinals.

Of the 20 teams that made it to the final round, 4 teams, in order of goal difference, won all the preliminaries: Chungkyung High School, Gwangmun High School, Yeongdeungpo Technical High School, and Pyeonghae Information High School. Jungkyung High School scored 15 goals and 2 runs, Gwangmun High School scored 13 goals and 0 runs, Yeongdeungpo Technical High School scored 12 goals and 2 runs, and Pyeonghae Information High School scored 8 goals and 1 run. Among them, Gwangmun High School and Yeongdeungpo Technical High School faced each other in the round of 16, predicting a ‘big match’.

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