Puig, will you finally win the championship ring? Venezuela’s Winter League Championship Series team won three consecutive games, and if you win one more game, you will win… Failed in MLB and KBO

Yasiel Puig has a golden opportunity to finally win the championship ring.

He won three consecutive games against Cardenales de la la la in the championship series of the Venezuelan winter league where Puig belongs. He won the first game 6-0 and also won the second and third games 12-10 and 7-5, respectively. He has one more win to win.

Puig played in the World Series with the Los Angeles Dodgers when he was in the Major League, but failed to win the title. In the KBO, he also advanced to the Korean Series as a member of the Kiwoom Heroes in 2022, but he also failed to win the title.

Puig tried to go to the Mexican league while playing in the winter league of the Dominican Republic, but turned to Venezuela when it failed due to player registration issues.

Puig signed with La Guaira, where Ronald Acuña Jr. (Atlanta Braves) belongs, and joined midseason.

Puig has since hit 10 home runs in 26 regular league games, demonstrating his slugging capability. He also led his team to the championship series by launching a home run in the playoffs. 라바카지노

Meanwhile, Puig suffered an ordeal of being hit in the face and kicking by opponents in the process of drying the bench-clearing in the second game.

Some U.S. media outlets announcing the news reported as if Puig had caused bench-clearing, and Puig complained of unfairness.

Puig wrote on his social media, “I was trying to keep everyone calm without doing anything. But in the U.S., I’m reporting like I caused a fight. I’m not punished because I didn’t do anything wrong. Stop. I’m not that kind of person. I hit over .400 and hit a home run every nine times at bat, and I’m leading my team to its first championship in 37 years.”

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