Reaffirming ‘refusal to resign’ while smiling only at Clines, “I’m watching the North and Central America World Cup.”

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann has no intention of resigning from the position of coach of the South Korean national soccer team on his own.

Klinsmann and 12 other national team players returned to Korea at 9:15 p.m. on Saturday via Incheon International Airport Terminal 1. Cho Hyun-woo, Song Bum-keun, Kim Young-kwon, Kim Joo-sung, Seol Young-woo, Kim Tae-hwan, Lee Ki-je, Kim Jin-soo, Park Jin-seop, Lee Soon-min, Moon Seon-min, and Kim Jun-hong returned with Klinsmann. Son Heung-min, Kim Min-jae, Lee Kang-in, and Hwang Hee-chan returned to their teams immediately from Qatar.

South Korea has shown its goal to win the Asian Cup title for the first time in 64 years with all-time strength. “The most important thing in forming the final list is the skeleton. I think it is a very proud period for all soccer fans and citizens of South Korea. From defense to defense, there is Kim Min-jae, the world’s best center back. It is not easy to win the Defensive Player of the Year award in Serie A, Italy. He has now grown into an indispensable player in the national team. There are also many experienced players in midfield. Also on the side are Hwang Hee-chan and Lee Kang-in, who have just begun to blossom. Son Heung-min will hold out in front. It is important for these players to perform well in the national team and how they can solve the puzzle for the remaining few weeks. The reason why South Korea can be evaluated as a candidate for the championship is because there are such players. If you get the puzzle right, you will be able to bring good results,” he said, expressing confidence in his victory.

Ahead of the opening of the championship, Klinsmann’s confidence shot to the roof. “As a coach, I feel positive because I received good feeling and energy. (Last victory) was 64 years ago. For South Korea, 64 years has been too long. There will be many things to happen in the course of the championship. Luck will also require you to follow. In the tournament, guillotine matches take place. If players join the team without injury and continue their confidence in the national team, and start the tournament well, they will be able to bring good results as promised. They also have confidence. I think it is an opportunity to achieve a championship that I have not achieved in 64 years.” He judged that this time is the right time to win.

Manager Klinsmann also viewed Korean players’ abilities very highly. “I will compete with players who can win the championship. It’s not because I’m full of confidence that I can win the championship, but because I have good players who actually have good abilities to win it. I told the players at the time of my inauguration that it was an honor to participate in the big stage of the Asian Cup with you. I will definitely come back after winning the title with good players. It is a victory achieved together. Many fans will cheer me up. I will appreciate your support in unison,” he said, before leaving for Qatar.

The drama, which seemed to take place once again in Qatar, the land of the 2022 FIFA World Cup round of 16, was creaking from the beginning. The first match against Bahrain, which was predicted to be the most difficult in Group E, won more easily than expected. The players looked heavy at the beginning of the game, but Lee Kang-in’s left foot exploded twice in the second half, winning 3-1.

The joy was only until the match against Bahrain. The loose midfielders, which had been constantly criticized in the second group match against Jordan and Klinsmann’s tactics, became the target of Jordan’s intensive attack. Son scored the first goal in a short period of time, but Korea failed to maintain its lead as it was lagging behind in the power struggle in the midfield. In the end, the team turned the tables 1-2 in the end. Hwang In-beom induced the opponent’s own goal at the end of the second half, but Korea could not laugh.

He could have met archrival Japan, depending on the outcome of the third group match against Malaysia. “I have no intention of avoiding anyone,” Klinsmann said. “I only look at the next game. It will always be a difficult game. It doesn’t matter who you meet. I only look at tomorrow’s game. There is no team that I want to avoid,” Klinsmann said, expressing that he would not mind meeting Japan in the round of 16.

Despite Klinsmann’s boast, Korea was as serious as a team afraid to meet Japan. Because of Malaysia’s fighting power, Korea failed to keep Jung Woo-young’s first goal. Korea was defeated by Malaysia, which ranks 130th in FIFA, and was on the verge of losing. Lee Kang-in and Son Heung-min barely turned the tables, but lost another point to draw 3-3, as they failed to last a minute.

It was only Team Klinsmann who advanced to the round of 16 with one win, two ties and the second place in the group. They made it to the round of 16 without losing a match, but the result was not as expected. The match was expected to rank No. 1 in the group, but it could have fallen to No. 3 in the group. Public opinion started to lose faith in Coach Klinsmann from then on.

The round of 16 was Saudi Arabia led by Italian master Robert Mancini. South Korea could not easily penetrate Saudi Arabia’s defensive organization. At the start of the second half, he was dragged away with a loss. Cho Kyu-sung, who was sluggish in the group stage, appeared in a desperate crisis that could have eliminated the round of 16. The match went to extra time as Cho Kyu-sung scored a minute before the end of the game. He failed to come from behind in overtime, and a penalty shootout continued. In the penalty shootout, Cho Hyun-woo saved Korea by blocking two penalty kicks.

The opponent in the quarterfinals, which advanced dramatically, was Australia. The match against Australia, another favorite, also yielded the first goal. Korea failed to penetrate Australia’s thick defense. It was Son Heung-min who saved the team. Three minutes before the end of the game, Son Heung-min dramatically won a penalty kick, and Hwang Hee-chan made it. In the hard-fought extra-time match, Son Heung-min led Korea to the semifinals with a fantastic free-kick goal.

Jordan was only two steps away from winning the title, and the opponent team was Jordan, who was on the verge of losing in the group stage. It was worrisome that the team had fought twice for 120 minutes of overtime, but the team was assessed as Korea’s superiority in terms of performance.

When I opened the lid, Korea was nothing but a mess. It failed to attack Jordan’s pressure at all. There was no objective difference in power felt on the field. Korea was no match for Jordan, both as an individual and as a team. The players’ physical strength had already run out due to two extra-time games, and Klinsmann could not offer any solutions. Korea was eliminated from the semifinals without threatening Jordan at all, except for Lee Jae-sung’s header that hit the net.

It was a shocking result, but after the game, Klinsmann smiled and congratulated his opponent. Public sentiment that had been losing trust in Klinsmann exploded. The Korean Football Association President Chung Mong-gyu, who demanded Klinsmann’s immediate resignation and played a critical role in bringing in Klinsmann, is also under fire.

When asked about his resignation after the match, Klinsmann said, “As a leader and a coach, if he fails to achieve the goal he wanted, he must analyze and take responsibility. We need to analyze more and look back on more games. I think we need to analyze in detail the competition because we failed to achieve our goal.” He indirectly expressed his intention that he has no intention of giving up the job.

“What we need to do right now is to go back to Korea and analyze the tournament in detail and supplement it further. Anyway, we need to think about the following. We also need to play the qualifying rounds for the 2026 North-Central America World Cup. Most importantly, it is urgent at the moment to analyze this tournament well and prepare better for the future,” he added.

Coach Klinsmann smiled and waved to fans as he left the airport. He also gave a relaxed response while smiling at a press conference that he held immediately afterwards

[Klinsman’s press conference]

Do you want to resign from your position? Do you think you deserve to lead the national team?

First of all, I am very happy to lead this team. I really wanted to win this tournament as much as you guys. I wanted to win with our players, but I couldn’t achieve my goal because I lost the game against Jordan. Until I met Jordan, I still brought results and rewarded them with good games and results. When I met Jordan in the semifinals, Jordan was a much better team. Jordan was a team that deservedly advanced to the finals.

Prior to the match against Jordan, he was the coach of the national team for a year, and had 13 matches without loss. I think there were many good things. What I can think about at this point as a coach is that, as well as individual players, we have some good things and some positive things. With those positive things in mind, I think it will be very important for us right now to prepare for the World Cup qualifiers that are just around the corner

10 runs in an unprecedented tournament, why do you think the defensive issue happened?

As we advanced to the semifinals, I can’t say it was a failure. I personally felt how difficult the event was. As the games were held in the Middle East, I witnessed many East Asian teams struggle against Middle East countries, not only us but also Japan and China. I could also feel the atmosphere like a home game there and how much emotionally I received as the games progressed.

But I think it’s very positive that we made it to the semifinals, and I want to compliment our players. As we played the tournament, many Koreans and Korean soccer fans and media came and cheered for us. Actually, I keep saying that I really wanted to win this tournament as well as all of you. Anyway, there were many positive things in a difficult situation, so I want to think about the positive side.

Even though he was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the 2019 Asian Cup, it was not a public opinion for Paulo Bento to resign. Why do you think there is an atmosphere of resignation and replacement this time?

I don’t know exactly why, but what I want to tell you is our growth process over the past year. Through this tournament, we have grown again and found many new things. Since I took office, I have taken more time to play by bringing young players to the team little by little over the past year. I want to tell you that North Korea and China are looking forward to the World Cup.

I think the Hino ae Rock that we can get through this emotional part of soccer is part of soccer. Many people were probably happy again with the dramatic match in the round of 16 against Saudi Arabia and the quarterfinals against Australia. I think many people must have had high expectations and there must have been a lot of positive stories in the media. Of course, I think that if I come back with such a loss in the tournament, the public opinion will inevitably be overturned if I am eliminated.

More negatively, in a way, I think there is no choice but to make such remarks that are truly extreme. As a soccer player, I know well about the ups and downs of my emotions during my 40 years of soccer. There are happy moments through soccer, but I also know how much criticism I should receive when I get bad results in a tournament or game. Leaders are what we know to accept and endure such criticism. I think it is a part that we should accept as a soccer player. The most important thing is the process of growing up by looking at the positive parts, and I have the idea that this team is growing in the right direction.

First of all, he is constantly texting with Son Heung-min. In particular, such a world-class player failed to advance to the finals again unfortunately. As much as Son Heung-min, we must have dreamed of bringing the Asian Cup trophy to Korea. I think it’s probably a more difficult moment emotionally because I couldn’t.

Of course, he will join the national team in March as our captain. We will have to set other goals clearly. There is a World Cup in North and Central America coming up, but during that time, I hope we prepare well and share our new goals. More importantly, I regrettably missed the trophy as a member of the Korean national team, but I hope that if there is a good opportunity during my career, whether it be at Tottenham or during my professional career, I will definitely lift the trophy.

Did you have a conversation with Chung Mong-gyu, president of the Korea Football Association, about your future after being eliminated from the tournament?

We had two meetings there with Chairman Chung Mong-koo. We talked about this and that over coffee, and especially about the competition. We also talked about a lot of positive things we saw during the competition. On a big scale, it’s a competition, but we talked a lot about the game because we started analyzing each game. Also, we talked a lot about the bad parts that we talked about earlier because it’s definitely something we need to supplement.

We also talked about how to prepare for the future and how to prepare for the second consecutive game against Thailand, which is just around the corner. We will prepare well to bring good results in the upcoming World Cup qualifiers.

Will you stick to your future departure plans and way of working?

I will be leaving the country now around next week. I will go and have a short break, then move on to Europe for now to see the current schedule of Lee Kang-in, Son Heung-min, Kim Min-jae and other players.

However, the match against Thailand in the second qualifying round of the World Cup is just around the corner, so I don’t think I can leave for a long time. I’ve been talking about the way I work, but the coach of the national team also has the idea that many business trips and tasks should be taken differently from those of the professional team. I know that you have a slightly different idea and keep saying that that’s not the right way to do it.

However, the way I work will not change. I respect your opinions and criticisms, but I would like to say that there will be no change in the way I work and the way I think the national team coach works.

Why 0 effective shots came out in the semi-final against Jordan

First of all, I felt it after watching the game against Jordan again, but as you just said, we didn’t create any chances at all. We struggled with the opponent’s defense, and we struggled with rough defense. It’s not my first time to play such a game where we struggle a lot with dense defense, but it was quite disappointing. I think we need to think clearly about how to solve it when we meet an opponent like that or how to solve it. Even when we watch the video again, there are parts that are quite angry and disappointing. Especially in the semifinal against Jordan, we are aware of the fact that we couldn’t live with a chance at all.

When Klinsmann answered a question about Son’s future, a soccer fan threw a taffy at Klinsmann. He shouted, “Klinsmann, this is soccer or this?” while throwing a taffy. Immediately, a bodyguard stopped the fan. While he was answering, Klinsmann looked dark. 라바카지노도메인

Their anger continued even after the press conference ended. When Klinsmann moved after the conference, some soccer fans shouted, “Go home,” “Dumb,” and “Go back to Germany.” Klinsmann did not look back and left the airport.

“After the Lunar New Year’s holiday ends, there will be a process through which the national team’s power reinforcement committee will review overall aspects such as the operation of the national team,” a KFA source said after Klinsmann’s press conference. Michael Mueller, chairman of the power reinforcement committee, will also be seen at the scene. There will also be meetings with Hwang Chi-soo, head of the competition’s technology division, at the center of the conference.”

Whether or not Klinsmann will attend is undecided. “The director will have a meeting with the officials. And the power reinforcement committee is in contact with the members. The time, place, timing and method will be decided soon. I don’t know yet whether the director will attend the power reinforcement committee.” The power reinforcement committee could be held without Klinsmann’s supervision.

He also failed to mention the exact date of Klinsmann’s departure. He only replied that he would go out sometime next week. Next week, the 2024 season schedule of K-League 1 big clubs such as Jeonbuk Hyundai, Pohang Steelers, and Ulsan Hyundai begins.

It’s a great opportunity to discover new national team resources, but there may be no coach Klinsmann in that position. After a short break, he replied that he would watch European players such as Kim Min-jae, Son Heung-min, and Lee Kang-in.

The Korea Football Association has also refrained from commenting on whether it has ever talked about Klinsmann’s future internally so far. The only answer was that the committee will comprehensively discuss the management of the national team and related matters related to the upcoming tournament.

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