Rublev and Pegula advance first to Wimbledon tennis men’s and women’s singles second round

Andrei Rublev (7th, Russia) won the first match of the Wimbledon tennis tournament (total prize money of 44.7 million pounds, about 74.3 billion won) in two years due to Russia and Belarus players being banned from participating decorated with

In the women’s singles, Jessica Pegula (4th, USA), whose mother was born in Seoul and adopted to the United States, advanced to the second round.

Rublev defeated Max Purcell (64th, Australia) 3-0 (6-3 7-5 6-4) in the men’s singles first round on the first day of the tournament held at the All England Club in Wimbledon, England on the 3rd.

Rublev, who was the first to reach the second round (round of 64)토토사이트in the men’s singles event, will compete against the winner of the match between Aslan Karachev (50th, Russia) and Luca van Ascher (75th, France) to advance to the round of 32.

Rublev was unable to compete at Wimbledon last year due to Russian and Belarusian bans.

His best performance in singles in major tournaments was in the quarterfinals, and he failed to reach the quarterfinals in Wimbledon alone among major tournaments. The round of 16 in 2021 is the best Wimbledon score.

In the women’s singles, Jessica Pegula (4th place, USA) advanced to the second round.

Fegula defeated Lauren Davis (46th, USA) 2-1 (6-2 6-7<8-10> 6-3).

Pegula is a well-known athlete whose mother, Kim Pegula, was born in Seoul and adopted to the United States.

Like Pegula and Rublev, she has reached the quarterfinals in the other three majors, but at Wimbledon, her three rounds last year were her best.

She faces Cristina Buxar (78th, Spain) in the second round.

Bugsa was dragged with Camilla Rakimova (72nd, Russia) in the 3rd set tiebreak 5-9 in the first round, then spread a double play to win 6 points in a row 2-1 (6-3 4-6 7-6 <11 -9>) to win.

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