Samsung’s Kim Hyun-joon, who gained 7-8kg, changed from a handsome boy to a manly man, “I feel faster because I gained strength when I ran.”

A handsome boy has turned into a manly man. The main character is Kim Hyun-joon, an outfielder of the Samsung Lions. With a slender figure and handsome appearance, Kim has attracted many female fans, and he focused on bulk-up during the off-season.

Having joined the first team belatedly due to a fracture of his right arm right before the opening game last year, he played 109 games and posted a batting average of 275 with three homers, 46 RBIs, 62 runs and five steals. Not only his first homer since his debut, but also his hits, RBIs and runs were all the best in a single season, which was more regrettable than satisfaction.

“I’m going to do the same thing as I did in the past, but I’ll just remain that kind of player,” Kim said, adding that he needs to be physically fit to prepare for the new season. “I started bulk-up to maintain good condition throughout the season, but I made the decision to save a lot of energy as I lost my weight during the season.” Kim said.

Kim Hyun-joon’s slim bulk-up project is going smoothly. Everyone says, “I’m feeling better.” Kim Hyun-joon said, “I gained about 7-8 kilograms compared to last year.” He didn’t just gain weight. His body became solid by playing the training program provided by the training part.

He showed better reflexes. “I thought it would be difficult to run on base due to my body fattening, but I feel like I gained strength when running,” Kim said.

Lee Jin-young, the first-team batting coach who will be in charge of improving his offense this season, cited Kim Hyun-joon as one of the most notable hitters in the team and said, “I’m not satisfied with my current performance and want to help him do well consistently.”

Kim Hyun-joon, who is correcting the habit of moving his elbow when hitting according to coach Lee Jin-young’s advice, said, “Coach told me that if I revise this part, there is nothing else to touch.” 꽁머니

There has been a change in Samsung’s outfield this season. Foreign hitter Jose Pirella left the team, and center fielder Kim Hyun-joon will move to right field. Kim Sung-yoon, a former member of the national team, will take the center field.

Coach Park Jin-man said, “I have a belief that Kim Sung-yoon will play a role in the outfield by showing good performance in the second half of the season. In particular, I thought he would be better as a center fielder because he has excellent main force.”

Asked why he changed his defensive position from center field to right field, Kim said, “I prepared (for the change of outdoor defense position) from the last camp and will settle him down during the spring camp. Kim did a good job as a center fielder, but moving to right field will help improve batting ability and arrange physical strength.”

Kim Hyun-joon confidently said, “There is definitely a difference when defending, but there is no problem adjusting.”

Looking back on last year, he said, “I was cheeky to myself that I can still show more and improve myself, but I need to be stronger. After the second full-time season, I thought that if I continue like this, I can just disappear. I will not make excuses, but will not compromise and be strong.”

“I literally want to go crazy about baseball. I’ve been working hard so far, but I think I’ve made some compromises myself. There is no such thing as compromise this time. I think I must improve. I’ve decided to be tough,” he said.

Kim Hyun-joon, who is constantly striving for a higher goal without fear of change. I think you can expect to achieve a career high this season.

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