Senior and friend came to Hanwha after ‘putting everything down’ Lee Myung-ki said, “I was stimulated a lot.”

“I was really motivated.”

Lee Myung-ki transferred from the NC Dinos to the Hanwha Eagles in a sign-and-trade agreement ahead of the 2023 season. Both the Hanwha Eagles, which needed immediate power in the outfield, and the Lee Myung-ki in the new uniform had high expectations this season. However, Lee was out of the lineup after suffering a fractured distal right acetabular region after three games. Lee only returned to the first team in October. It would have been a relief if he was back in October.

Lee Myung-ki said, “I think I was too ahead of myself. It’s been a long time since I thought I should do well, but as I was so motivated, I got injured. I think the most important thing is to do what I’ve been doing,” with a wry smile. “But I think it will be very helpful because there is a little difference between finishing the season in the first or second division,” he said.

This year, we have many more things to rely on together. Kim Kang-min, Lee Jae-won, and An Chi-hong, who newly joined the Hanwha Eagles, are players who played with Lee Myung-ki, the SK Wyverns, and the KIA Tigers. “I didn’t even think of it. It’s been seven years since we joined together, which is why I think this season will be fun,” Lee said.

The presence of these players also gave another impetus to Lee. “I felt something while talking to Kangmin and Jaewon. In a way, Kangmin gave up a lot. Jaewon has also been a key player for a long time, but seeing him put down a lot of things gave me a lot of motivation and encouraged me a lot 월카지노주소,” Lee said.

“I work out with Kangmin in Incheon, and I think I know why he works out until that age. He’s in good shape and he’s good at sports,” he said, adding, “If I had a situation like Kangmin, I don’t think it would have been easy to move the team. I also felt a lot of things, and there was something like that that that motivated me again.”

Lee Myung-ki, who has two winning rings, hopes to experience a championship with young Hanwha players someday. “I think I’m lucky as a player. I was in a team that kept getting good results because I played with a lot of good players,” Lee said. “Now that I’ve done it together, Hanwha players are also good. So I think I can look up enough.”

Lee Myung-ki, who smiled and said, “I don’t know how long I’m going to play baseball, so I wanted to win with young players one more time. The players are nice, they work out hard, and they think a lot about it. When that time comes, the players will be the main players, but as the seniors told me, I want to know that and stop it.”

Lee Myung-ki, who is preparing for the new season, said, “I took a year off last year, so I can’t say that I’m a starting player. I’m an old player, and I always have to prepare in the back. I have to show other players my own way,” adding, “Now that there is not much time left before I play baseball, I think I should prepare hard for spring camp or exhibition games so that I can play baseball better.”

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