“Shocked! Manchester City spends 334 billion won on re-recruitment of players who were disastrously abandoned”… Including Tottenham players → Set a price of 167 billion won → overtake Kane’s ransom of 145.7 billion won! Who is it?

Shocking news was delivered.

Manchester City, which is the strongest in existence and is trying to win the English Premier League (EPL) for the fourth consecutive time, is seeking to recruit a new player, and the targets are players who Manchester City has “done in a terrible way” in the past.

Even so, it is not just about re-recruitment. Manchester City is seeking to re-recruitment by pouring enormous amounts of money into the team. Manchester City has prepared 200 million pounds (334 billion won) to recruit these two players. Each player was awarded 100 million pounds (167 billion won) in a fair manner.

Who could it be? One is Tottenham’s Pedro Porro. He played in 20 league games this season and had seven assists, contributing to Tottenham’s surge in the early days of this season. With Tottenham ace Son Heung-min absent recently, Porro is also playing the most notable role.

To this prisoner, Alan Hutton, a senior who played for Tottenham from 2008 to 2011, insisted that prisoner was the only Tottenham player who could transfer to Manchester City.

Hutton said, “There is a possibility that Poro will return to Manchester City under Pep Guardiola. It is an incredible move to Manchester City. You never know if Poro can return to the Etihad Stadium. Poro became a top player when he settled in Tottenham. He also scored an amazing goal against Burnley.”

“Poro showed what Manchester City wanted. What Pep wants the most is the position and movement of the prisoner. Poro can enter the stadium and overlap. Poro can play almost 10 roles. This role can be played by a fullback. It is unbelievable in modern soccer. Poro will definitely fit Pep’s calculation,” he stressed.

This argument is becoming a reality. It’s a shocking transfer if it becomes a reality. As mentioned earlier, POW is a disastrously abandoned player in Manchester City.

Pororo left Girona in 2019 and moved to Manchester City. However, he was completely turned away. He moved to Real Valladolid and Sporting on loan, and he was completely transferred to Sporting in 2022. Pororo’s game at Manchester City is ‘0 games’.

Another player who was also mentioned along with Porro is Aston Villa midfielder Douglas Luiz. He is also the best player of the season. He has scored six goals and three assists in 20 league games. Aston Villa are currently in third place. Ruiz is at the center of the Aston Villa craze. Aston Villa can even aim for a league championship.

Ruiz has also been hurt by Manchester City. In 2017, he moved from Vasco Dagama to Manchester City, but he was on loan with Girona. Eventually, he was kicked out without a chance at Manchester City, and he wore the Aston Villa uniform in 2019. Ruiz is also a prisoner. The game he played for Manchester City is ‘0 games’.

Manchester City is seeking to recruit the two players released by Manchester City again. As expected, people don’t know.

The U.K.’s ‘Football Insider’ reported the news exclusively. The media outlet reported, “Manchester City has an amazing recruitment plan. Manchester City is trying to re-sign two players who left Manchester City in the past. Manchester City has prepared £200 million.”

“According to sources inside Manchester City, Manchester City has a strong interest in bringing Tottenham’s prisoners back to Manchester City. In addition, Aston Villa’s Ruiz is also closely watching. The prisoners and Ruiz were released by Manchester City in 2022 and 2019, respectively. However, Manchester City is now on the radar with an amazing price,” he added. 헤라카지노주소

“Both players have been performing incredibly well this season. Porro has scored one goal and eight assists in 21 matches in all competitions, and Ruiz has emerged as one of the best midfielders in the EPL. Both players will be paid a whopping amount of money. According to internal sources, both players are being paid 100 million pounds.”

If the deal is successful, POW will set a record high transfer fee for Tottenham. The previous record was that of Harry Kane, who left for Bayern Munich ahead of this season. Tottenham paid Kane and pocketed a ransom of 100 million euros (1457 billion won). POW is waiting for a ransom of 167 billion won.

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