‘Shocked! The all-time harsh criticism against Mbappe’… Senior member of the 佛디ᅀᅵᄑᅀᅀᅳ national team, “I’m tired of hearing Mbappe nonsense, I’m just a kid who only thinks about individuals, just leave PSG!”

French giant Paris Saint-Germain’s ace Kylian Mbappe has come out with a “great-ever criticism.”

Why did he criticize? It is because of Mbappe’s ambiguous stance on transfer. Mbappe’s contract with PSG expires in June. In other words, he becomes an FA and can transfer without transfer fee. Therefore, the prevailing speculation is that Mbappe is moving for a transfer. Real Madrid, Spain, is the most likely. Recently, he has also been linked to Liverpool and Arsenal in England.

That doesn’t mean that he unconditionally wants to transfer. Local media reported that Mbappe has changed his mind to remain in PSG. If you don’t want to transfer, you have to renew your contract. This delay can be interpreted as a strategy to negotiate a contract renewal in a more advantageous position.

What does Mbappe really mean? No one knows except for Mbappe.

Mbappe took the same position after winning 2-0 against Toulouse in the 2023 Trope de Champion (French Super Cup) on the 4th. Mbappe has not changed.   헤라카지노도메인

When asked about the transfer, Mbappe said, “I have not decided. Above all, I am very, very motivated this year. It is a very important season. Like I said, we have to win the title. We have to prepare for the next title because we already won one. After that, no, I have not decided on the transfer yet.”

“It doesn’t matter what decision I make this summer. The most important issue is to protect all parties involved and to keep the club’s passion for future challenges. Therefore, transferring is a secondary matter,” he stressed.

As these remarks continued, Mbappe’s senior French national team member Christophe Dugari was furious.

He is a striker who played for AC Milan, Barcelona and Bordeaux, and scored eight goals in 55 A-matches for the French national team. He has shared France’s golden age. He won the 1998 World Cup in France and the Euro 2000.

Dugari slammed Mbappe through France’s ‘RMC’. He said, ” Mbappe just leave PSG.”

Dugari added, “I think Mbappe is stagnant. Now you can find predictable Mbappe in the stadium. He disappears very often in certain matches. His attitude of holding up his arms every time is a negative aspect.”

He also stressed, “Mbappe wanted to be the leader of the team. But he is still a kid. I feel that the clothes that fit him are too big. I don’t feel that there is a symbiosis between Mbappe and the team. I am lost.”

The criticism didn’t stop. Dugari wrote, “I can understand PSG leaving Mbappe alone in the summer. I’m tired of hearing Mbappe’s nonsense every six months. Only Mbappe is involved in the discussion. Mbappe seems to like being at the center of the discussion.”

Finally, Dugari criticized Mbappe’s individualism for not thinking about the team. He said, “I’m tired of it. I want Mbappe to embark on a team project, not a personal project. I’m not interested in Mbappe anymore.”

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