Shocking 275 strikeout pace, burning inside… I even interviewed the director.

 “The player himself is frustrated and tries to work hard.”

Hanwha Eagles coach Carlos Subero sadly watches the sluggish performance of foreign hitter Brian O’Gredi (31). As a director, there is a limit to helping by the side. It is up to the player himself to get out of the slump at the plate even if he gives advice.

O’Grady’s bat is cutting through the air fiercely. He has appeared in 13 games this season, striking out 25 in 54 at-bats. He is the best record in the league, recording 12 strikeouts in 17 at-bats while playing 4 games from Suwon KT Wiz on the 14th to Daejeon Doosan Bears on the 18th.

Assuming O’Grady plays in all of Hanwha’s remaining 130 games this season, he is on pace to record 275 strikeouts. Hanyu Island (SSG) and Na Seong-beom (KIA) tied for first place in strikeouts last season with 137 records. It’s unlikely that the flow at the beginning of the season will continue until the end, but it’s an indicator of how well O’Grady is currently at the plate.

O’Grady started as the designated hitter 5 times against Doosan in Daejeon on the 18th and only struck out 4 in 4 at-bats. O’Grady missed two scoring opportunities, frustrating those watching. If O’Grady had hit a sacrifice fly at the end of the 7th inning, where the score was 0-0, Hanwha would have been able to seize the win, but after 4 pitches, the flow was cut off as they walked away helplessly with a strikeout on a swing. He couldn’t adapt to the ball from Doosan sidearm starting pitcher Choi Won-joon and withdrew with strikeouts in all three matches.

The same was true in the ninth inning, where they trailed 0-2. Leading batsman Jeong Eun-won went on base with a right hit in right field, then Noh Si-hwan and Chae Eun-seong stepped back with a hit in succession, and O’Grady took the plate. At this time, Doosan catcher Yang Eui-ji’s fastball came out and the situation continued until 2 out and 2 base, and O’Grady got 2 balls first, but opponent’s finisher Hong Kun-hee threw a slider twice in a row, swinging wrong and recording a foul. And he watched the 144km fastball in the 5th pitch and withdrew with a looking strikeout. It was the moment when Hanwha’s last chance to counterattack was blown away.

Hanwha won a total of 900,000 dollars by bringing O’Grady ahead of this season. Even if it didn’t fill up the $1 million, the highest amount for newcomers, it was a high enough treatment. The team expected that O’Grady would add weight to the batting line, evaluating his slugging power to be of a high standard, although he was not a sophisticated hitter.

However, he is not good at hitting the ball,먹튀검증 so there are not many opportunities to get a glimpse of his long hitting power. The beastly home run is still there, and the slugging percentage remains at 0.185. It is clear that it is not a good number even considering the adaptation period of foreign hitters.

On the 16th, coach Subero had a meeting with OGrady after the match against Suwon kt. Coach Subero said, “There was a good conversation in the manager’s office for a long time. Everyone has a hard time in their lives outside of baseball. I think it’s a mission,” he said, suggesting that O’Grady is not in a good psychological state.

The most frustrating thing is O’Grady himself. I’m trying to find a breakthrough myself, but I can’t seem to find a solution. Coach Subero said, “The player himself is frustrated and wants to work hard. Today (18th), he came out early and went to the indoor batting arena to practice alone. I hope he hits well this time against Doosan.” There are no signs.

Hanwha, coach Subero, and O’Grady are burning their hearts as time goes by.

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