Solid basics with high marketability… Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is a compact sports utility vehicle ( SUV ) that has been loved for a long time in its main market, the United States . It competes with the Toyota RAV4 in several markets. The Honda CR-V , with its high marketability and solid fundamentals, is the company’s main profit model. In Korea, Honda made a great contribution in becoming the first imported car to achieve annual sales of 10,000 units.

Japanese cars have been actively using hybrid powertrains. In this field, Toyota and Honda have a high level of technology. The two companies’ goals are slightly different. While Toyota aims to maximize efficiency, Honda does not want to miss out on the fun of driving while pursuing efficiency. Honda launched the 6th generation CR-V Hybrid in Korea. I test drove this car in the Gapyeong-gun area of ​​Gyeonggi Province on a rainy day.

The exterior is the latest Honda design. It is composed of lines that are plain and not stand out. Honda has recently been introducing a unified design across all car classes. The headlamp is connected to one corner of the hexagonal grill, and the design of the air intake at the bottom of the grill is strongly expressed.

The side has a slight feel of the older, first-generation CR-V released in the 90s . It has the shape of a straight boxcar. Recently, automobile companies are applying past designs to new models. The 6th generation CR-V is also following this trend. At the back, the vertical rear lamps that symbolize Honda are clearly visible. The trunk has a large door and is practical.

There may be a design effect, but overall the car body size looks large먹튀검증. The dimensions of this car are 4705 mm in length, 1865 mm in width, 1690 mm in height, and 2700 mm in wheelbase (distance between the centers of the front and rear wheels). It is 105mm longer and 10mm wider than its rival, the RAV4. The wheelbase, which affects interior space, is also 10 mm longer.

The interior has a horizontal structure that appears spacious. However, it is unfortunate that unlike the well-organized exterior, it is somewhat cluttered. Unlike the current trend that emphasizes digital, it feels somewhat behind. Although the display size has been increased, it does not have a cutting-edge feel. The gear lever rose high. There are consumers who prefer this, but just looking at the design, it feels like a throwback to the past.

It appears that care was taken to ensure that each interior material does not look cheap. There are also some parts that were a bit fun. This is the case with the mesh design air vents. The all-black interior color feels a bit stuffy, but it has the advantage of being easy to maintain.

The space is spacious. The basic loading space is 1,113 liters (liters), but when all rear seats are folded, it expands to 2,166 liters, more than twice that.

The transmission is an electronic continuously variable transmission ( E-CVT ), and the new model pursues efficient driving by distinguishing clutches at high and low speeds. The texture between acceleration and deceleration is quite excellent, making it easy to drive comfortably.

The ride comfort is good, reflecting the characteristics of the North American market, where road conditions are worse than in Korea. It effectively filters out vibrations and noise coming from the bottom of the car, reducing stress on the hips and lower back. The degree of regenerative braking can be adjusted using the lever behind the steering wheel. It consists of steps 1 to 4, and you can drive with one pedal .

Even though it rained quite heavily that day and the roads were slippery, the CR-V showed stable behavior. Even when turning the car, move carefully. Honda Sensing ( a technology that detects and measures the state or movement of the surrounding environment using sensors), which uses cameras and radar sensors to achieve partial autonomous driving, appears to have greatly improved in maturity.

Honda is a company that is good at making cars that are faithful to the basics. The CR-V also stood out with its fundamentals built up from the past. Japanese cars are said to be uninteresting and boring, but the CR-V seems to emphasize that the true value of a car lies in completeness rather than flashiness. The price is 55.9 million won. It is 1 million won cheaper than its competitor, the Toyota RAV4.

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