‘SON, I Can’t Leave You’ → ‘Liverpool-Manchester United Refuse!’…Postecoglou, no leaving Tottenham… ‘I’ll be there for the long term’

Coach Enze Postecoglou is not expected to leave Son Heung-min for the time being.

Postecoglou is one of the most high-profile managers of the season. When he moved from Celtic to Tottenham, there were more concerns than expected about Postecoglou, but he is now leading the change in Tottenham by demonstrating his tactical capabilities. Postecoglou’s aggressive football style has melted the hearts of Tottenham fans who have been frustrated with his performance over the past few seasons.

The problem is that fans are not the only ones who have paid attention to him. Clubs that need a coach have begun to look at Postecoglou.

It started with Liverpool. Liverpool, where Jurgen Klopp is set to resign after this season, has reportedly put Postecoglou on its recruitment list while searching for a candidate for the next coach. Postecoglou is also known to be a long-time fan of Liverpool.

Next up was Manchester United. Manchester United, where Erik ten Hag has been performing better than expected, is widely expected to have Jim Ratcliffe as its owner for a change. British media reported that they want Postecoglou, the man who made Tottenham different, at the center of this change.

However, even if he continues to woo Tottenham, chances are slim that Postecoglou will leave Tottenham for the time being. Even an influential reporter predicted that he would stay in Tottenham.

Britain’s Give Me Sports reported on the 29th (Korean time) that “David Onstein said Postecoglou would be at Tottenham.”

Onstein, a journalist with the global sports media The Athletic and mentioned as the strongest public confidence, recently commented directly on Postecoglou’s future.

Onstein said, “Tottenham’s leadership is satisfied with Postecoglou’s performance, and it is no wonder that he will be linked to other vacant managerial posts. He is considered to be an impressive man who continues to grow. He is a man of impressive qualities that clubs want to bring to their future.” 여우알바

“However, that does not mean Postecoglou will be able to leave Tottenham. Postecoglou is expected to remain at Tottenham, and we hope Tottenham will also have him for the long term,” he said.

Postecoglou has already drawn a line on the possibility of being appointed to another club. Postecoglou said, “I could be on the list, but I don’t really want to talk about it. I can’t afford to think about the priorities of my life and job. I just started my managerial career at Tottenham, and it’s only been seven months, so of course,” adding, “I have no choice but to focus on Tottenham now.”

Because of his outstanding ability, he is constantly courting Postecoglou. However, Son will likely sit next to him for the time being.

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