Student athletes who experienced professional team training, what was the most impressive?

Those who are considered the future of women’s professional basketball experienced the present of women’s professional basketball.안전놀이터

Yongin Samsung Life Bloomings will hold the ‘2023 Dreams Come True Camp’ (hereinafter referred to as Dream Camp) at the Samsung Training Center (STC) and Everland for three days from the 29th (Mon) to the 31st (Wed). Due to COVID-19, it was held for the first time in 4 years since 2019.

The contents of the camp are as follows. Samsung Life coaching staff, including Samsung Life coach Lim Geun-bae, and Samsung Life players, led by Bae Hye-yoon (182cm, F), give advice to high school elite players, and the high school elite players experience the women’s professional basketball team’s training. You can ask your questions to the professional team coaching staff and players.

The student athletes toured the Samsung Training Center on the 29th, the first day. And in the afternoon, I trained with my older sisters. On the second day, he will receive instruction on how to build his body from a professional team trainer and will go to Everland with the Samsung Life Insurance team. On the third day, the athletes and various programs are trained.

Those who attended the camp were basketball players from Daegu Hyosung Girls’ High School, Bundang Business High School, and Sookmyung Girls’ High School. After visiting the Samsung Training Center, I sweated on the court with my older sisters. After training, I talked with the pro seniors over dinner and tea time.

Daegu Hyosung Girls’ High School captain Kim Jong-un said, “I did a lot of basic training such as dribbling and passing. However, there were many new exercises that I encountered. It was like the exercise of dribbling two balls and then doing a layup.”

Byeon Ha-jeong, captain of Bundang Business High School, said, “Dribbling with both hands was like that, and the practice of breaking through at the high post was impressive. Both of them were movements that seemed to be useful in practice,” he explained the skill training that could be used in the game.

Minji Lee, the captain of Sookmyung Girls’ High School, said, “Starting with stretching, it was different from what I did at school. Many areas could be solved before the game. And I did a lot of basic skill training,” he said, focusing on the basics.

Training is also training, but tee time with seniors in the pros is also a good opportunity for young student players. This is because the stories of seniors who have experienced tougher competition than themselves can be a great stimulus to younger players.

Kim Jong-un, the captain of Hyosung Girls’ High School in Daegu, said, “Coach Lim Geun-bae said after the end of training, ‘When attacking, you must know the position of the defender. He said, ‘You have to think about that even during one-on-one training. That left an impression,” he said, talking about “finding the defensive position during the air attack.”

Byun Ha-jeong, captain of Bundang Business High School, said, “When he takes the first step of a layup, he can’t stretch it long. I have a habit of short stretches. That kind of advice was helpful,” he said about his layup habits.

Lee Min-ji, captain of Sookmyung Girls’ High School, said, “Coach Lim Geun-bae said, ‘Even if you do a turnover, you have to do it in an active and strong movement.’ He emphasized that all movements, including dribbling, must be strong,” he said, receiving feedback on active movements.

As mentioned above, it is not easy for young student athletes to play with professional athletes at a higher level. The same goes for pro players. So both professional players and young student players can cherish this camp. To remain as a more precious memory, you must remember this moment more clearly.

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