Sungkyunkwan University Jung Bae-kwon “I can release a lot of energy on the court”

The fifth misaeng is Sungkyunkwan University captain Jeong Bae-gwon (G/F, 186cm). Let’s take a look at his growth process, which is permeated with efforts for development.

#Growing up on the foundation of winning
Jeong Bae-kwon often visited the stadium under the influence of his maternal uncle (currently coach Lee Heung-bae, Gwangshin Broadcasting Preliminary High School), a former basketball player. He had a lot of exposure to basketball, but he didn’t show much interest because of his lack of motor skills. The reason why he picked up the basketball was because he was taller than his peers when he was in elementary school.

Jung Bae-kwon, who felt the fun of scoring during the test, started playing basketball in the fourth grade of elementary school. But from the start he ran into trouble. “I was so bad at running that I thought about quitting as soon as I started. His dribbling wasn’t exceptional and there were many times I wanted to quit.”

He said he was under a lot of stress in an unfamiliar environment. Even so, it was ‘winning’ that caught him. When he was in the 6th grade, he won the KBL Total Cultivation Championship, the Breeding Championships, and Samgwangcho’s championship, including Yoon Deok-ju’s pear. He had many moments when he wanted to give up, but he felt the joy of winning.

Jeong Bae-kwon, who wanted to continue his relationship with Samgwangcho’s colleagues, headed to Yongsan Middle School, a related school. However, after one year he decided to transfer out of college only. There were two reasons. “There were many players who were very good at it, and the coach at Yongsan Middle School at the time was my uncle. Having a family on the same team made me uncomfortable.”

There were times when Jung Bae-gwon, who moved to Dandaebu Middle School, was embarrassed by the training system that was different from Yongsan Middle School. While Yongsan Middle School focused on systematic tactical training, Dandaebu Middle School focused on basic training because there were many players who were new to basketball.

Individual play was the main focus rather than team play, but free basketball was possible as much as there was a lot of individual play. Jung Bae-kwon, who grew up eating the coach’s praise and trust, began to blossom in terms of records.

2016, the third year. 34 points, 12 rebounds, 2 assists and 6 steals in the qualifying match against Lim Ho-jung in the South Central Division of the 41st Association Long-Term National Men’s and Women’s Secondary School Basketball Championship, and a double-double (24 points, 11 rebounds, 4 steals) against the 46th Autumn National Men’s and Women’s Middle and High School Basketball Association Preliminary South Central Division match ) was recorded.

#Turning point and great record

Having chosen Yongsan High School as the final destination for his teenage years, he confessed that he was deeply troubled during his sophomore year. The pressure of college entrance came around the end of the sophomore year. Lack of certainty about the future, he sought advice from coach Lee Se-beom and coach Kim Gyeong-seok.

“The coach said to me, ‘You are working hard enough and doing well. You shine if you do what you can, so what are you worrying about?” He said to believe in yourself. I think that was the turning point of my life.”

Could it be because of the advice of the two coaches? As a senior in high school, he showed off his presence. In particular, the association’s flag was imprinted in his memory. Against Gwangju High School, he scored 31 points and 16 rebounds, and in the last game of the preliminary round against Daejeon High School, he made 12 3-pointers. The team won 114-64.

Jung Bae-kwon said, “The first half of the shot was really bad and my body was heavy. In the second half, our team passed well and shot from the corner, but it started to go in. I heard it after the game, and at that time it was the 3rd best record ever,” he said, conveying his memory.

He gained confidence in his shooting and took on scoring and dirty work in the remaining tournaments. Afterwards, he succeeded in entering Sungkyunkwan University, which he had dreamed of since childhood.

The engine of #effort
I entered the university dreaming of a blue future, but I faced a wall not long after. Jeong Bae-kwon, who had frequent ankle injuries in high school, was injured again and filled his first year with rehabilitation. He wasn’t able to digest much of the time as his body wasn’t coming up even though he was in his sophomore year.

Because of his lack of performance for two years, he was nervous when he started playing, but in his third year, he mastered the basics. “During the game, when the team atmosphere was low, I played the role of raising the team atmosphere by working hard on rebounding and defense. He gave advice, saying that even the director should do it the way it was.”

And this year, Jung Bae-kwon became the captain of Sungkyunkwan University. He described himself as a ‘hard-working captain’. Also, he shows the aspect of a player who works hard on the court. He is leading the team by actively communicating with his teammates, and this season, Sungkyunkwan University has been a big help in confirming the playoffs.

#Pioneer of reversal of the atmosphere Jeong
Bae-kwon, who thought that even if he lacked dribbling and speed as a teenager, he considered one shot as an advantage. That confidence is currently in progress. “I have a strong shot, so I practice a lot to improve my senses. Also, when I get on the court, I can radiate a lot of energy, so I can raise the team atmosphere.”

In addition, he replied that he was hesitant in the unfamiliar environment when he first caught the basketball, but now he has many expectations. “I am looking forward to the atmosphere of the professional club itself and the mindset of having a job. It will be very different from the current environment, but that is what I look forward to the most.”

Lastly, he left a message of thanks to the fans who support him and Sungkyunkwan University. “I feel a lot of affection for the fans. Thank you for supporting me and our team. I always want to work hard to get good grades, and I also want to show a good image.”먹튀검증

Jeong Bae-kwon has refreshed the atmosphere with shots and rebounds whenever the team is in a difficult situation. Let’s see if his ‘game changer’ instincts can knock on the pro door.

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