‘Suspicious parcels’ all over the country… Temporary Suspension of Import of Similar International Mail

Packages that appear to contain poison have been found all over the country.

According to Yonhap News on the 21st, three people who opened packages in Ulsan complained of dizziness and were taken to the hospital.

At around 12:29 noon the previous day, at a welfare facility for the온라인바카라 disabled in Dong-gu, Ulsan, three facility officials who opened a yellow parcel believed to be international mail from Taiwan complained of dizziness and shortness of breath, and were transferred to the hospital and are in isolation.

Their condition is now improving. He was reported to be in good health.

As reports of similar contents continued in Jeju, Daejeon, Seoul, Gyeonggi Yongin, and Gyeongnam Haman, the police started an investigation.

The police are looking into the possibility of infection by toxic gas, saying that there is no substance in the bag.

As a result of the simple examination, no peculiarities such as radioactivity or chemical substances were confirmed. Envelopes and air samples were sent to the Agency for Defense Development for closer inspection.

It is said that the address, recipient’s name and phone number were also written on the outside of the parcel. However, there were no employees or patrons at the facility using the names on the packages. The phone number also appeared as an unknown number.

Police are tracing the route through which the parcel was delivered through the post office.

Subsequently, parcels in yellow envelopes or black plastic bags were found in other regions one after another.

Dong-gu, Daejeon, sent a disaster text message saying, “Do not open overseas mail suspected of containing harmful substances from Taiwan, and report it to 112 or 119 immediately.”

The police cautioned against packages with ‘ CHUNGHWA POST’ written on them in yellow or black mail envelopes and sent from ‘ POBox 100561-003777, Taipei Taiwan’ .

If you receive a package similar to this, unopened, you must immediately report it to the nearest police station or call 112.

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