‘Tearful eel rice bowl’ Goyang carrot impression, once is enough

 “I felt like I was going to cry in front of the eel rice bowl (sent by the fans).”

These are the words of director Kim Seung-ki, who was moved by the ‘food support’ of Goyang Carrot fans who heard the news that ‘the parent company is in short supply of food expenses’.

The first season of Goyang Carrot, which had a lot of talk and a lot of trouble, ended in a touching way. Goyang Carrot lost to Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation in the 4th round of the ‘2022-23 SKT Adot Professional Basketball’ semifinal playoff (PO) held at Goyang Gymnasium on the 19th and failed to advance to the championship match.

After twists and turns, Goyang Carrot, who entered the PO with the qualification of ‘5th place’, burned his fighting spirit against Anyang KGC, a strong team who won the ‘Wire to Wire’ championship.

In the first game, he was humiliated by the most points loss (43-99), but as coach Kim Seung-gi said, “I just don’t die,” he made 13 3-pointers in the second game and won the victory. In the third game played in front of home fans, they drove a 3-point shot in the first quarter and led 15-0, but allowed a come-from-behind defeat by revealing their physical limitations in the aftermath of a bloody battle in the sixth round PO Game 5.

Although the Goyang Carrot players, who were exhausted physically and mentally, lost the 4th game at the edge of the cliff, the home fans did not spare their warm applause and encouragement.

Contrary to expectations, the first season of Goyang Carrot was a series of twists and turns mixed with tears and irritation. Goyang Carrot Jumpers, which was born after Dayone Asset Management, whose parent company is Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering & Construction, acquired Goyang Orion after the end of the 2021-22 season, established former national coach Heo Jae, the’basketball president’, as co-CEO, and to develop self-sustainability. Carrot Insurance was hired as a naming sponsor.

Contrary to the bloated dream, noise arose even before participating in the league. In June of last year, in the process of reviewing new KBL member companies, approval was put on hold due to insufficient data such as funding and operation plans. Contrary to its strong aspirations, the parent company was unable to escape poor management and support. The KBL subscription fee was unpaid, and the salaries of the players were delayed. The spectator income was busy paying for the takeover.

Even after confirming their entry into the playoffs early, they almost faced an unprecedented situation of being deprived of the right to advance to the PO due to the parent company. I managed to pay the day before the postseason media day, and the PO of the 6th round was held normally.

Fans who were nervous for fear of being disqualified for the difficult 6th round PO, cheered for Goyang Carrot’s spring basketball. The Goyang Carrot team ran desperately to the death. He did not give up even in poor circumstances and threw himself out to save the team while watching the fans. Fans sent eel rice bowls, chicken, and coffee to the Goyang Gymnasium to support the players.

Players cite the tearful support of the fans as the most memorable moment of the season. After the game, he ended a difficult season by taking selfies with fans who couldn’t leave the court and signing autographs.

One such impression is enough.메이저사이트 Impression is impression, and the standard should be sharper and stricter. Goyang Carrot was far from trust from the establishment and the process of reviewing membership. KBL must more thoroughly screen and verify the qualifications of the operator so that such a painful spring will never happen again. There should be no more things that make fans worry about the survival of the team, not the thrill of a great game.

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