“The damage is great if it is shocked again”… It even produced a special protection patch for bone bruises.

“If another shock is applied to the injured area, the damage is great, so the club was worried.”

The Doosan Bears made full preparations so that foreign pitcher Dylan Pyle (27) could return to the mound without injury or trauma. Dylan signed a contract with Doosan for a total of $650,000 ahead of this season and collected a one-two punch to win 30 games with Raul Alcantara (31). did.

The diagnosis was a bone contusion, a condition in which there is incontinence on the cranial side above his left ear. This is the background of taking a break and resting for over 4 weeks. Dylan is currently not feeling any pain in the injured area, and recently he has been improving his body condition in preparation for actual combat. He pitched in the bullpen twice in Icheon and joined the first team in Jamsil, throwing 51 pitches in the 3rd bullpen pitching on the 12th and 61 pitches in the 4th bullpen pitching on the 16th, gradually improving his condition.

When pitching in the bullpen on the 16th, he pitched wearing a hat with padded protective gear specially made by Doosan. In place of the thin advertisement patch on the original hat, a slightly larger and thicker patch was made to completely cover and protect Dylan’s injured part.

An official from Doosan said, “Medically there is no pain and it’s fine, but the club was concerned about the damage if another shock was applied to the injured area. I made two versions, one with a protective patch inside the hat and one attached to the outside of the hat, but Dylan seems to prefer putting it on the outside of the hat. It’s comfortable to wear,” he explained.

Dylan repeated the pattern of throwing 20 pitches and resting three times in bullpen pitching on the 16th. Bullpen pitching was carried out in the rhythm of actually pitching on the mound. Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop closely watched Dylan’s pitch while alternately standing on the right and left side of the plate next to the bullpen catcher. He confirmed that the ball was much better than the third bullpen pitch.

Manager Lee said, “I wanted to check the ball once (standing at bat). My physical condition seems to have improved a lot, and it seems to be better than when I pitched in the bullpen on the 12th. . There are no aftereffects and there are no adverse reactions yet. I am taking it step by step, but it has to be perfect.”

The club has scheduled a medical examination for Dylan early next week. If there are no abnormal findings, Dylan is expected to throw about 30 pitches in a practice match against independent team Yeoncheon Miracle on the 20th.

As of the 17th,스포츠토토 Doosan is tied for fourth place with Kiwoom Heroes (7 wins and 6 losses) with a win rate of 0.538 with 7 wins and 6 losses. It is only 1.5 games away from SSG Landers (8 wins and 4 losses) in first place, so it is a distance that can go up to the top at any time.

Contrary to concerns about Dylan’s absence, the Doosan mound is holding up quite well. Young-gun Choi Seung-yong and Kim Dong-joo are faithfully fulfilling their duties in the starting rotation, but if this period is longer, it is unknown when and where the mound will become overloaded. The club is sparing no support so that he can add strength to the mound as soon as possible while taking care of and protecting Dylan’s injured area as well as possible.

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