The employee who urinated in the baking dish was fired… The story of being asked 35 million won

A bakery in Barcelona, ​​Spain, ended up having to pay compensation after firing a female employee who urinated in a baking dish.

According to the British Telegraph on the 26th (local time), the High Court of Catalonia, Spain, ordered the owner of a bakery to pay 21,100 pounds (about 35 million won) in compensation after짱구카지노 he fired an employee after seeing CCTV footage of him urinating.

Footage captured on CCTV showed a female employee squatting in the bakery work area several times in 2018 and urinating in dishes used for baking.

The business owner who saw the video fired the employee, and the employee objected to this decision and filed an appeal in court. This employee claimed, “The bowl containing the urine was washed clean and stored with other tools so that it could be used for baking.”

The Catalan court ruled in favor of the employee, who said the dismissal was unfair. She also ruled that the employee be paid the wages he had not received due to his dismissal.

According to the ruling, the bakery owner did not notify employees in advance of the installation of CCTV. Spanish law states that CCTV cannot be installed in areas for employees’ rest and leisure, such as locker rooms, restrooms, and restaurants. Filming with CCTV in such places is a violation of the right to privacy.

The court found that the bakery did not have a designated changing room, so employees had to change clothes in their work area.

The bakery argued that CCTV recording was legal because the space was used for food production, but the court rejected this argument, saying, “There is no separate rest area for employees.”

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