The first game of May that is not resolved, KIA’s winning streak comes to an end

I even appealed, but…

KIA Tigers were blocked in the sole lead and stopped at 5 consecutive wins. KIA played a close match against the Lotte Giants at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 2nd, but knelt down 4-7. The cohesiveness of the batting line was lacking, with only 4 runs scored even after 18 on-base hits, and it was a loss to be pushed back in the fight between the starter and the bullpen. 

At the end of the first inning, after the turnaround to 2-1, Hwang Dae-in’s double hit came out on the 1st and 2nd bases, and he was unable to escape. Even in the third inning, Socrates caught up with a double, but Lee Chang-jin was silent on the second and third bases. In the 4th and 5th innings, he reached base twice each, but no follow-up hits.

In the 6th inning with no one on first base, Ryu Ji-hyeok’s well-hit ball flew straight ahead, making it an unresolved day. Coach Kim Jong-guk emphasized the importance of his first game in the first three games in May against Lotte, who took the lead with 8 consecutive wins, but failed to achieve his will. 

In particular, he made a problem with the opposing base coach’s behavior. In the beginning of the 6th inning, coach Kim walked out of the dugout and appealed to the 1st base sim in the 2nd out 1st and 3rd base of the Lotte attack. 

It was that Pyeong-ho Kim, the first base runner coach, was talking to first base runner Min-seok Kim too closely. I can coach on baserunning, such as stealing timing, but the problem was that I was completely out of the baserunning coaching box.

Choi Su-won first base referee personally approached coach Kim Pyeong-ho and warned him to move to the coach box. Coach Kim also smiled and showed the scene of going back. It was an unusual appeal. 

Director Kim’s appeal had several paving stones. It may have been to prevent rookie Kim Min-seok from stealing bases, and there was also a point where Lim Ki-young, who was driven into crisis, was given a one-tempo break. There was also a hint of an intention to block the risk of an unknown signature catch. However, Lim Ki-young immediately gave up the victory after being hit by a triple from Goo Seung-min to the left-middle. 

During the match, a dizzying situation occurred. At the end of the first inning, Hwang Dae-in suffered a back pain immediately after sprinting after hitting a double hit in the 1st and 2nd bases, and was replaced immediately. He underwent an MRI examination at Good Hospital.토스카지노 Fortunately, no major abnormalities were found. 

Koh Jong-wook, who has the best batting pace in the team, got an infield hit on third base after one out in the sixth inning and sprinted to first base, but suffered an abnormality in his left knee and was replaced again. He was given an icing treatment, not an injury to the extent of being examined. With a day that was not solved in various ways, the streak also came to an end. 

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