The former teacher of the national hitter, who was marked by poor grades and the owner, is likely to be dismissed midway 

Yomiuri Giants manager Tatsunori Hara was put on a slope. The atmosphere is that the possibility of dismissal in the middle of the year is raised as the performance is sluggish and the owner is out of sight. 

Japanese media ‘Smart Flash’ said on the 4th, “Yomiuri won two consecutive victories by beating Yakult 8-7 on the 4th. As a result, he rose to 4th place with 13 wins and 15 losses,” he said. 

Sho Nagata has the best feel at hitting among hitters in the team, running for first place in home runs in the Central League. If the gap in core forces is prolonged, Yomiuri will suffer a fatal blow. 

The media said, “Yomiuri’s starting lineup is unstable, and as of the 4th, the team’s ERA is at the bottom of the league with an ERA of 4.14.” If Nakata does not return this season, there is a possibility that Yomiuri’s competition for the title will end early.” 

Yomiuri, who set the goal of recapturing the Central League championship, is likely to hold coach Hara responsible for poor results. The media said, “Director Tatsunori Hara is in the second year of a three-year contract, but voices are growing that he must take responsibility for the poor performance of the team. It is reported that during the season he may be fired.” 토토사이트

Also, “The relationship with the owner of Yamaguchi, who gave full power to manager Hara, is not the same as before. Inside the club, there was opposition to the recruitment of Nakata, who caused a violent incident at the Nippon Ham Fighters, but coach Hara pushed through the recruitment, saying, “I will take responsibility.” said. 

There is already a person who is on the list of new directors. After his retirement, Shinnosuke Abe, who served as the head coach of the 1st team after going through the 2nd team coach, looked promising, but the current atmosphere is unlikely. 

It is evaluated that Masumi Kuwata, who served as the head coach of the first team last year, is the closest candidate for the next head coach. The media said, “The Yomiuri coaching staff is full of yes-men. “Coach Kuwata was the only coach who spoke bitterly,” he said. 

“Kuwata, who was taken by manager Hara, was pushed out as general manager of Pham. However, he has overcome numerous adversities and is a suitable person for a director in his 20s.

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