The head of the prosecution who became a suspect in the ‘BTS water depth committee’… Application for Marine Corps Depth Commission?

Park Jung-hoon, former head of the Marine Corps토토사이트 investigation team who is accused of mutiny in connection with the investigation into the death toll accident of the late Corporal Chae Su-geun, requested a fair investigation and requested the convocation of the Military Prosecutor’s Investigation Review Committee . It has been confirmed that the prosecution is under investigation by the Ministry of Defense Prosecutors’ Office.

The beginning is a known incident in January when a nursing officer, Lieutenant A, left the unit, saying that he would see the progress of BTS who enlisted in the 5th Army Recruit Training Center.

Lieutenant A applied for the convocation of the Military Prosecutor’s Investigation Committee, saying that it was not a departure from the unit because there was a motive request, “Please help because there are hundreds of people to be vaccinated,” and permission from the immediate supervisor.

The Military Prosecutors’ Investigation Review Committee is an organization established to enhance trust in the results of investigations of cases that have attracted social attention.

According to Lieutenant A’s request, the Prosecutor General of the Ministry of National Defense should open a deliberation committee to decide whether to convene an investigation review committee, but he ignored it.

On the 29th of last month, Lieutenant A reported Brigadier General B, the head of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Ministry of National Defense, to the Airlift, which has the right to investigate the general, for abuse of power, and the Airlift charged Brigadier B as a suspect.

However, Brigadier B is expected to be promoted and, strictly speaking, is now a colonel.

Faced with the unprecedented situation of investigating the head of an organization as a suspect, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Ministry of National Defense assigned Brigadier General B’s abuse of power case to the Human Rights Protection Supervisor’s Office.

Attention is focusing on how the Ministry of National Defense Prosecutors’ Office, which has been passive about convening the Military Prosecutor’s Investigation Review Committee, will respond to Marine Corps Colonel Park Jeong-hoon’s request to convene the review committee.

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