The popularity of “165km Monster” has attracted 9,000 people in rural villages

Rocky Sasaki, who caused a stir to advance to the Major League last winter, was criticized for his untimely announcement to the Major League.

However, it does not seem to have affected Sasaki’s popularity at all. The evidence is that cloud spectators are flocking every time Shishiki rises.

As the selection of Chiba Lotte and Korea Lotte were announced, crowds lined up from 5 a.m. in the practice match. Although it was only one inning, many spectators gathered to see Sasaki’s first real game.

As many as 9,000 people gathered when Chiba Lotte pitcher Sasa was announced as the starting pitcher in the professional baseball preseason match between Chiba Lotte and Seibu at Haruno Stadium in Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture, on the 3rd.

Considering that Kochi City is a remote rural village, it can be said to be a great crowd mobilization.

It even supported the weather, so I could watch Sasaki take the mound in mild temperatures.

The Seibu Lions and Chiba Lotte Marines had a preseason match. On the second day of the match, the number of spectators reached 9,265 on the third day, double the number of spectators on the first day.

It can be seen that the difference between the day Sasaki came out and the day when it didn’t was very big.

Seibu coach Kazuo Matsui said, “Thank you for visiting Chiba Lotte and many fans in both games.”

An elementary school student in Tosa Shimizu said, “I hope Sasaki plays well with a lot of strikeouts.”

“This may be the last time I see Sasaki in Kochi. I couldn’t miss the opportunity,” a man from Kochi said.

A mother, who wore a handmade Japanese national team uniform to her son and watched, expressed her wish, “I hope my son (who) came to see Sasaki likes baseball.” 룸알바

Sasaki controlled her condition by throwing a fastball of up to 157 kilometers.

Sasaki caused a stir last winter with his sudden announcement to enter the Major League.

There was a lot of criticism because he was a pitcher who had not played a full time yet and was only in his third year.

Although it was hastily sealed, it is true that there was damage to the image.

However, Sasaki was still popular. At the game where he is expected to take the mound, many spectators are flocking.

Sasaki is still a hot icon of Japanese professional baseball.

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