The reason why “Baseball Legend”, who only played baseball all his life, found the court, not the ground

Park Yong-taek, who played as a one-club man for the LG Twins when he was an active player, is a “baseball legend” who has the most hits in the KBO league with a total of 2,504 hits. He has also played a total of 2,237 games and recorded the highest number of appearances ever. 

Both records are likely to be broken in the 2024 season, but Park Yong-taek was a teaching hitter representing the KBO League, where he continued to play through thorough self-management until his 40s. Even after retirement, he has been playing baseball for a lifetime, commentary on baseball and baseball in the strongest baseball league.

He appeared with his daughter at a volleyball court, not a ballpark. It turned out that there was a reason for everything.

A match between KEPCO and OK Financial Group was held at Suwon Gymnasium in Gyeonggi Province on Wednesday. However, there was a familiar spectator in the stands. It was Park Yong-taek, KBSN baseball commentator. Park visited the volleyball court with his daughter and watched the match in a friendly manner. 

Solbi, Park’s daughter, showed her unusual love for volleyball by playing for a volleyball club at Jeju International School through the TV. Solbi’s favorite player is Lim Sung-jin of KEPCO.

Lim Sung-jin, who graduated from Jecheon Industrial High School and joined KEPCO as the second pick in the first round of the 2020-2021 Rookie Draft when he was a junior at Sungkyunkwan University, drew attention for his appearance that resembled actor Kim Soo-hyun. He has good looks and skills, however. He is an outside heater with both attack and defense capabilities, and is currently called “Prince Suwon,” Korea Electric Power Corporation’s flagship player 마카오토토주소. In the second round, he won the MVP award for the first time in his career, showing off his outstanding skills.

After the game, Park gave a surprise gift to her daughter. After going down to the court, Park greeted Lim Sung-jin, whom she met through broadcasting activities, and made a place for her to sign autographs and take commemorative photos together. The daughter Solbi, who was next to her, shyly took a picture with her smartphone camera. Then, Park Yong-taek took a picture of the two in person, showing off her daughter’s stupid father figure.

Solbi’s face was full of smiles when she sat in the stands with her father for vacation and saw her favorite player in front of her, and Park Yong-taek also finished her date with a happy smile at her happy daughter.

Baseball Legend, who only played baseball all his life, visited the volleyball court for his daughter and presented her with unforgettable memories.

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