The reason why the medal prospects for the Paris Olympics turned on is because

Prospects for the 2024 Paris Olympics are not very bright for the Korean national team. With the minimum number of participants in history likely to be 50 since the 1976 Montreal Olympics, the Korean team is aiming for five to six gold medals. Six are the same as the 2022 Tokyo Olympics, and five are the lowest since one Montreal Olympics.

Chances are high that the number of participants in the Paris Olympics will be less than 200 due to poor group ball games. As of Thursday, women’s handball is the only team that has earned a berth to the finals of the Paris Olympics. Women’s and men’s hockey, which won silver medals in the 1988 Seoul Olympics and 1996 Atlanta Olympics, failed to advance to the finals for the second consecutive Olympics. Basketball also suffered a setback for both men and women. Men’s handball and women’s soccer have failed to win tickets, and men’s and women’s volleyball have very few chances to advance to the finals. However, men’s soccer is worth seeking a berth to the Olympics at the Asian Cup under the age of 23 in April.

The collapse of speculative sports, which used to be a medal field, is also painful. Judo, wrestling, and boxing suffered no-gold humiliation for the second time in a row. The last gold medal in these sports was Kim Jae-bum, Song Dae-nam (both judo) and Kim Hyun-woo (wrestling) at the 2012 London Olympics. Boxing has lost its gold medal status since the 1988 Seoul Olympics. The last medal was made by Han Soon-cheol at the 2012 London Olympics.

Archery is the most promising sport in the world. Korea swept four of the six gold medals won by the Korean team at the 2022 Tokyo Olympics. Archery also carries heavy shoulders. Additional gold medals in fencing, badminton, swimming, track and field, table tennis, and taekwondo are expected.

However, the existence of a strong rival seems like a big wall. Woo Sang-hyeok, a track and field man, should beat his rival Mutaz Essa Barshim of Qatar. At the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, a prelude to the Olympics, Barshim beat Woo to win the gold medal. Barshim is also dominating the competition with 11 wins and 2 losses.

Hwang Sun-woo, a leading swimmer, should split the current faster than David Popovich of Romania for his gold medal. His best 200-meter freestyle time is 1:44:40 set at the Hangzhou Asian Games 토토사이트. Based on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Hwang can earn a gold medal if he enters the 1:43 range in the 200-meter freestyle. Asian Games women’s double gold medalist in table tennis, Shin Yu-bin and Jeon Ji-hee must defeat China, the Great Wall of China.

Ahn Se-young, the world No. 1 player in women’s singles in badminton, is considered a strong candidate for gold, but her injury is a variable to her. Ahn, who overcame her knee injury to win gold medal in the Asian Games, has been suffering from aftereffects of her injury, and is still taking care of her rehabilitation.

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