The second catcher to support Eui-ji Yang, who will catch the eye of the national hitter?

Lee Seung-yeop, the new head coach of the Doosan Bears, cited improving the skills of backup catchers who will support Yang Eui-ji, the main host, as a key task before starting the spring camp in February.

After taking the baton of Doosan last winter, he received the great gift of signing Yang Eui-ji as a free agent, but the role of the second catcher is very important to lead the team stably in the pennant race. 

Yang Eui-ji is the best catcher in the current KBO league, which needs no lengthy explanation. Korean baseball tasted the pain of being eliminated in the first round at the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), but Yang Eui-ji did his part in the offense and defense. In particular, he gave great comfort to baseball fans by hitting a home run against Japanese ace Darvish Yu in the match against Japan.

However, it is not easy for Yang Eui-ji, who turned 37 this year, to digest all 144 regular league games. He needs to be given proper rest as well as balance his stamina, sometimes as he’s the designated hitter. Last year, when he played for the NC Dinos, Park Dae-on and Kim Eung-min supported Yang Eui-ji. 

For this reason, coach Lee plans to pick a catcher to join the opening entry while evenly appointing backup catchers during the demonstration game. In the case of Yang Eui-ji, she will return to the team after participating in the WBC and will be with the team from this weekend regardless of participation, but it is highly likely that she will focus on recovery rather than actual fighting until the opening game on the 1st of next month.

The early stage of the exhibition game, when Yang Eui-ji is not playing, is an opportunity for backup catchers. Coach Gay thinks that he should turn the bat confidently and relentlessly when hitting, and show a sense of stability when wearing a mask and keeping the home.

There are many candidates. Jang Seung-hyun, who has a lot of experience in the first team, Ahn Seung-han, Park Yoo-yeon, and rookie Yoon Jun-ho, who showed a sense of stability in the air defense last year, are competing in good faith.

Doosan has 10 exhibition games remaining before the start of the regular season. It is up to the players to get a chance to play in these 10 games and to prove themselves and leave a mark on Lee. 

Coach Lee said, “In the demonstration game,먹튀검증 I’m trying to see how well Yoon Jun-ho works as a pro. In fact, he showed a good figure in the spring camp.” I plan to see whether I take the combination or figure out the opponent’s hitter and sign it.”

He also emphasized, “Other catchers were also good. Ahn Seung-han is very good at fighting and last year’s stealing rate was also good. Park Yoo-yeon is also good at batting. Everyone has a chance.” 

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