The ‘strongest one-two punch’ Gerrit Cole-Verlander, both of whom met as enemies, 6 innings and 1 run… “PO atmosphere”

Gerrit Cole (33, New York Yankees) and Justin Verlander (40, New York Mets), who formed the strongest one-two punch in the Houston Astros in 2018-2019, faced off in the New York rivalry’Subway Series’. 

The two pitchers faced each other by starting side by side in the 2023 Major League Baseball game between the Yankees and the Mets, which took place on the 15th (Korean time) at Citi Field in Flushing, New York, USA. As a result, both pitched well with 6 innings and 1 run, but ended in a draw as they withdrew without a win or loss. Cole had 4 hits, 4 hits, 8 strikeouts and 1 run in 6 innings, and Verlander made a quality start with 3 hits, 6 strikeouts and 1 run in 6 innings. 

A game in which the streak of 0 continued until the 4th inning. Cole gave up 1 run in the 5th inning first. He hit a double to Francisco Lindor and a one-run triple to Tommy Pam. Then, Verlander also allowed Jose Trevino to double and Jake Bowers to give up an RBI in the 6th inning to tie the game. 

Cole was in a crisis with 1st and 2nd base safely in the 6th inning, but he blocked the subsequent 3 batters without any additional runs. With the Yankees scoring two runs in the seventh inning, Cole met the starter requirement, but it didn’t last long. Cole’s victory flew as the Yankees bullpen immediately gave up two runs in the 7th inning. 

In an interview with local media such as ‘’ after the game, Cole said, “The Mets have players who will go to the Hall of Fame, like Verlander and Max Scherzer. I’m happy to play with players at that level. There was a lot of playoff vibes tonight.” Verlander said, “It is the most attention-grabbing game of the regular season. At this point, winning is important for our team. Now we have to start winning.” 

The two pitchers faced each other for the first time in eight years. It was the first confrontation in eight years since July 1, 2015, when Cole belonged to the Pittsburgh Pirates and Verlander belonged to the Detroit Tigers. At that time, Cole gave up 2 runs in 6⅔innings, 9 hits, 6 strikeouts, and Verlander scored 6 hits, 5 walks, 3 strikeouts, and 3 runs in 6 innings (2 earned), neither winning or losing. 

As Verlander was traded to Houston in September 2017 and Cole was traded to Houston in January 2018, the two pitchers showed off their power with the league’s strongest one-two punch for two years until 2019. During this period, Houston won the American League West championship with a win rate in the 60% range for two consecutive years. In particular, in 2019, as the two players competed fiercely for the American League Cy Young Award, Verlander ranked first and Cole ranked second.메이저놀이터

It was regrettable that the World Series finished as runner-up after going through Game 7 that year. Cole moved to the Yankees as a free agent in 2020, and Verlander, who led Houston to win the World Series last year, changed his uniform by signing a free agent contract with the Mets this year. As for the results of this season, Cole has played 15 games (91⅔ innings) with an average ERA of 2.75 and 98 strikeouts, while Verlander has played 8 games (45 innings) with an average ERA of 4.40 and 39 strikeouts. 

Meanwhile, the Mets won the game 4-3 thanks to Brandon Nemo’s walk-off double in the 10th inning of overtime. Nemo went 4 at bats with 2 hits and 2 RBIs. The Mets, who recently broke their two-game losing streak by finishing two consecutive matches with the Yankees with 1 win and 1 loss, marked 32-36 and the Yankees 39-30.

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