“There are no more upsets” 8 NBA experts predict the Confer Finals. Boston, Denver Absolute Advantage

The main character of the NBA Conference Finals has been covered.

2 expected teams, and 2 unexpected teams came up.

Boston Celtics and Miami Heat in the East, Denver Nuggets and LA Lakers in the West.

Boston recorded 57 wins and 25 losses in the regular league. It is one of the strongest teams in the East along with Milwaukee, who recorded the most wins (58 wins).

Even in the PO prospects, Boston had a strong chance of advancing to the finals. Boston advanced to the final by beating Atlanta 4-2 in the first round and Philadelphia 4-3 in the second round.

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have emerged as the best one-two punchers in the league. Marcus Smart, Malcolm Brogdon, and Derek White, who have strong defense, form an outer rotation, and Al Horford and Robert Williams form a big man rotation, boasting a balanced power.

The opponent is the Miami Heat. Jimmy Butler’s hard carry made a series of upsets in the playoffs. Boston is better in terms of objective power, but it is not easy in the ace match between Tatum and Butler.

In the West, Denver, who took first place in the regular league, advanced as expected. The opponent is the LA Lakers who went through the play-in tournament.

In the quarterfinals, both teams fought bloody battles. Denver’s Kevin Durant and Devin Booker beat Bertin Phoenix to advance to the finals, while the Los Angeles Lakers defeated rival Golden State.

CBS Sports of the United States predicted the NBA Conference Finals on the 16th (Korean time).

There was no more ‘upset’ in the predictions of experts.

Eight experts all raised Boston’s hand in the confrontation between Boston and Miami. However, there were many prospects that the series would be long.

There were 3 prospects for Game 7, 4 prospects for Game 6, and 1 prospect for Game 5. ▶Boston’s talent is so outstanding ▶Jimmy Butler’s condition is at its peak ▶Miami coach Eric Spoelstra is better at benching than Boston coach Joe Mazzula, so we expect a fierce battle rather than Boston’s absolute advantage. did.

In the West, there were 7 Denver win predictions and only 1 LA Lakers win prediction. Most expect Denver to finish in Game 6.

Keskey-Blomain,메이저놀이터 the only expert who predicted the Los Angeles Lakers’ Game 7 victory, said, “The LA Lakers have been completely retooled after the Westbrook trade. The team is doing very well organizationally. Anthony Davis is very good, especially in the playoffs. Denver is a very good team, but in the end the Los Angeles Lakers will win going into Game 7.”

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