There are numerous ERA pitchers in the 10-point range…Samsung’s endless worries about 5 starting pitchers

There is no sign that the Samsung Lions’ concerns about the 5th starting pitcher will be resolved.

Samsung lost 2-14 against Incheon SSG on the 1st. Starter Yang Chang-seop collapsed with 10 hits, 4 homers and 11 runs in 4 innings, and the game was soon decided. On this day, Yang Chang-seop, who took his third loss, had a season ERA (ERA) that rose significantly to 11.94.

This season, Samsung is in serious trouble with the 5th starting pitcher. Buchanan (3-3, ERA 3.16), Suarez (1-4, ERA 3.93), one-two punch, Baek Jung-hyun (3-3, ERA 2.88), and Won Tae-in (3-3, ERA 4.30), the starting rotation was different. Even compared to the teams, it is competitive enough. However, two months have passed since the opening of the 5th starting position, but the owner has not yet been found.

After Lee Jae-hee, who showed potential by recording an ERA of 3.38 in two games in April, joined the Sangmu, the fifth starting position is Muju Gongsan. Yang Chang-seop (5 games, 3 losses, ERA 11.94), who was considered the most likely candidate, was sluggish with 3 losses and 12.12 ERA in the 4 games he started. Veteran Jang Pil-jun recorded only 10.80 ERA (5 innings, 6 ERA) without a win or loss in his two starts in April and went down to the second team.

Heo Yoon-dong (6 games, 1 loss, ERA 11.17), who started the season with relief, was given a chance to start against the LG Twins on May 13, but lost 4 runs in 3 innings. Choi Ha-neul, a sidearm pitcher who showed a good performance in the Futures League, started against the NC Dinos on May 20 and became a losing pitcher with 7 runs in 1⅓ innings (ERA 47.25), then went down to the second team.안전놀이터

Samsung has been failing repeatedly in the 5th starting test to the extent that Oh Seung-hwan (5 innings, 3 runs), who had a surprise starting game, stood out the most. Now, the only card to look forward to is Choi Chae-heung (Senior Director). Choi Chae-heung, who is about to be discharged on the 12th, is a resource who was in charge of one axis of Samsung selection before enlistment. Choi Chae-heung, who pitched as a starting pitcher in all three games (1 win, 1 loss, ERA of 5.06) in Sangmu this season, is highly likely to be given a chance as a starting pitcher as soon as he joins the team if his physical condition is fine. Attention is focusing on whether Samsung will resolve the concerns of the 5th selection and prepare a foothold for a mid-ranking leap.

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