There is no end to the downfall of the ‘prodigal genius’→’The messy birthday party’ scene ‘Shock’

A photo of Deli Al Lee enjoying a really messy birthday party has been exposed. It can be a really shocking scene.

The Sun obtained and released photos of Everton’s Delhi Ali’s birthday party, which he believes fell due to the recently released photos. This snapshot contains a truly shocking scene. Ali lies on his bed with his hat pressed down as if to hide himself. It is a scene where 4 women and 3 men are all gathered in a bed for a selfie.

The Sun reported on the 16th, “The fallen English star is lying on the bed during a party.”

The date the photo was taken was the very day in question. Recently, a picture of Ali inhaling a ‘nitrous oxide’ balloon was exposed. After seeing the picture, fans blamed the downfall of the genius, saying, “It’s over now.”

The photo was taken the same day. Ali’s birthday is on April 11th, so it seems that they had a party 10 days in advance, a day before her birthday. Ali said he spent 6,000 pounds, or about 10 million won, on champagne and tequila at a club that day. And the claim of an acquaintance who reported to The Sun that she left the club and gathered in an apartment and got tangled up in a bed to take pictures. .

The identity of one man was specifically revealed. Isaiah Brown, a former Chelsea player who recently retired, is also seen. They say they partied with women at Manchester’s Chinawhite.

According to the informant, Ali left the club at 4 am and moved to the apartment. Ali’s group made their way to Salford’s apartment, where they all posed.

Ali lowered her head and wore a hat, but it was the same hat she wore when inhaling ‘laughing gas’, so it is judged that she committed several things on the same day.

According to an official at the club at the time, “They had a room and played and the women served. They went to the apartment of one of the girls and partyed until morning.”

Ali, once dubbed England’s greatest football genius, has returned to Everton to seek treatment for a hip injury following a failed loan spell in Turkiye.메이저사이트

Ali underwent hip surgery on the 15th. He posted a picture of himself lying in his hospital bed on his Instagram account. Ali vowed to “focus on recovery”.

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