Tiger Woods Caddy, PGA Zurich Classic ‘Alba’

Joe LaCava, the exclusive caddy of Tiger Woods (USA), made an appearance at the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour event.

On the 20th (Korean time), when Woods underwent ankle surgery and went on long-term sick leave, La Cava carried Steve Stricker (USA) on his bag and practiced at TPC Louisiana in Avondale, Louisiana, where the PGA Tour Zurich Classic was held.

Stricker, who is paired with Jack Johnson (USA) in this competition, which is a two-person group game, entrusted Rakava as his caddy.

La Cava, who has been Woods’ exclusive caddy since 2011, rarely carries another player’s bag even if Woods misses a tournament due to injury.

Unlike other caddies who are paid every tournament, La Cava is known to have signed an annual salary contract with Woods.

However, if a player who has a close relationship with Woods often requests it, he responds with Woods’ permission.스포츠토토

Stricker is considered a close friend of Woods on the PGA Tour.

Stricker, who mainly plays for the senior PGA Tour Champions and occasionally participates in PGA Tour events, told PGA Tour.com, “Actually, I asked La Cava’s son to medal first, but he refused, saying he was going to caddy for the Corn Ferry Tour. I did,” he said behind the scenes.

Stricker has even caddied for Lacava’s son a few times at tournaments.

Stricker said, “Would you be willing to serve as a caddy for a 65-year-old man?” Stricker laughed, saying, “I had no choice but to ask Rakava, and he readily accepted. But Rakava got angry because he told his son first.”

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