“To make money”… Travel YouTuber arrested for real-time obscene broadcasting in Thailand

A YouTuber in his 20s who ran a travel YouTube channel and broadcast similar sexual acts with Thai women in real time was arrested.

The proceeds from this ‘obscene broadcast’ were estimated to be about 10 million won.

■ Obscene broadcasting with Thai women…

A 27-year-old male surnamed Kim, who is also a travel YouTuber for teenagers, opened a YouTube channel about 7 months ago.

At first, I mainly posted travel videos in Southeast Asia토토사이트, but since last March, I started broadcasting pornography rather than simple travel videos.

Mr. Kim broadcast in real time on his YouTube channel 15 times in all 5 videos of himself having sex with women in Thai entertainment establishments.

The broadcast had no age restrictions, so even teenagers could watch it indiscriminately, but all of the videos in question are now private.

On the 10th, the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency’s cyber investigation department arrested Kim on charges of distributing pornography under the Information and Communications Network Act.

■ “To make money”… Police confiscate broadcasting proceeds

When Kim’s broadcast became known, criticism continued in Thailand as well as in the domestic media.

Accordingly, the police issued an arrest warrant and arrested Mr. Kim at Incheon International Airport on the 8th.

During the police investigation, Mr. Kim is said to have claimed, “He broadcast obscenities to make money and asked for the consent of the women in the video.”

On the 17th, the police sent Mr. Kim to the prosecution and applied for pre-indictment collection and preservation of the profits of about 10 million won that Mr. Kim had earned for about a month.

A police official said, “It is necessary to keep in mind that even if there is no direct physical exposure, depending on the posture, behavior, and content, it can be recognized as obscene broadcasting and can be legally punished.”

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