Tottenham fans ‘heartbroken’….Son Heung-min ‘focuses eyes’ on injury concerns→”May he rest on the injury list”

Tottenham captain and South Korea international Son Heung-min has left Tottenham fans anxious after he was spotted with a potentially serious injury during their match against Singapore.

Son scored his team’s third goal of the tournament in a 5-0 win over Singapore in the first match of Group C of the 2026 World Cup (co-hosted by Canada, Mexico, and the United States) Asian Second Qualifying Round at Seoul World Cup Stadium on Saturday.

Son started and played the full game, scoring a brace, and continued his form for the national team, scoring his second goal in as many A-match matches, following his last one against Vietnam.

However, there was a moment that surprised fans alongside his performance. In the middle of the second half, Son was tackled to the ground by an opponent. He stayed on the ground longer than usual, complaining of intense pain in the area where he was tackled, and the medical staff was called in to check on him. Luckily, Heung-min was able to get up and leave without any problems.

After the game, Jürgen Klinsmann said: “It was an unnecessary foul when we were down by a big score. I was very angry in the moment,” he said, adding, “It’s rare for any player to play at 100 percent. You’re going to be sore. It’s up to the player to play through the pain or manage it,” he said of his injury.

Son Heung-min also spoke to reporters after the game and said, “I’m fine now. I don’t like to lie down for a long time on the field, and I couldn’t feel my leg for a bit. But I’m fine now. I don’t think I’m the only one. I think it’s not just me, every athlete has niggles, every athlete has little injuries. If you can’t play, you can’t help it, but as long as you can play, it’s best to play for the team and help the team,” he said.

Concerns about Son’s A-match injury have been around since October. At the time, it was reported that Son was also playing injured for his club Tottenham, and many fans were concerned about his participation in A matches.

In particular, Anzhi Postecoglou had been keeping a close eye on Son Heung-min, but his playing time with the national team was not being managed at all. With the exception of the June A-Match, when he had to undergo sports hernia surgery and was unable to play, Heung-min has been a consistent starter for Klinsmann’s team, and in the September A-Match against Wales and Saudi Arabia, he started both games, playing the full time and second-half stoppage time, effectively playing the full game in both matches.

However, when asked, “Are you going to ask him to take special care of his body when you send him to the national team,” Postecoglou said, “It’s up to them. He is an important player for both the national team and Tottenham, and I trust that the Korean national team will take care of his body.” However, there were many concerns about the player’s overloaded schedule in the October A matches, and Klinsmann did not play him against Tunisia in the October A match and only played him full-time against Vietnam.

However, the possibility of Son’s injury in the first game of the November A-Match period has raised concerns in England.

On November 17 (KST), British media outlet SpursWeb reported the news of Son’s injury with the headline “Son Heung-min gives update on status after injury with South Korea”.

“After limping off the field in the A-League match, Son reassured fans that it was only a minor injury. As well as being the club’s captain this season, Son has become even more important as a goal scorer since Harry Kane’s departure to Bayern Munich. With eight goals already, it’s safe to say he’s back to his best form since last season. Spurs have been rocked by injuries to Micky Van der Vaart and James Maddison, who will be out until the new year.”

The outlet emphasized that Tottenham fans would rather see Son Heung-min on the injured list during the A-match. “The last thing Spurs need right now is for Son to go on the injured list,” said SpursWeb. But it must have been painful for the fans to see him on the pitch again and again in South Korea’s thumping win over Singapore,” Spursweb said, explaining that he’s not the least bit worried about him playing a lot of games.

“He is a player who can play through injuries, as we saw last season. That shouldn’t happen this year. If he is injured, he needs to rest,” he said, adding that if Son is injured, he needs to rest as well.

“He scored his trademark goals, but when he got sick and received treatment, it made the fans worry,” said British media outlet Football London, adding, “Spurs will want their captain to return in good shape as he is their main central striker with eight goals in 12 games.” Spurs fans are desperate for a healthy Son to return.

Heung-min will return to action for South Korea against China in the second qualifying match for the 2026 World Cup at the Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center at 9 p.m. on June 21.

With Tottenham fans not only in South Korea, but also in the United States, heartbroken by Son’s injury, it’s likely that if he starts the upcoming match against China, the eyes of Tottenham fans will once again be on his injury rather than his goals. 카지노사이트

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