Trade → 2 years of sluggishness → FA third baseman… Forgotten National University sidearm, will rebound in third place

NC Dinos succeeded in generational change of bullpen pitcher. With 157 saves in total, young pitchers in their early to mid 20s have grown rapidly and become a must-win group in front of Lee Yong-chan (35). Shim Chang-min (31) is the main character.

Shim Chang-min, who moved to NC in a trade after the 2021 season, failed to show his performance for two years with the new team. NC sent catcher Kim Tae-gun to Samsung in December 2021, and made a trade to recruit Shim Chang-min and catcher Kim Eung-min.

At that time, NC had the best catcher Yang Eui-ji and had a strong catcher depth, so it recruited Shim Chang-min, a former member of the national team, as a trade card for Kim Tae-gun, who can be the starting pitcher. It was expected that he would firmly protect the back door with the closing pitcher Lee Yong-chan. 랭크카지노도메인

However, Shim had no presence at all due to lackluster performance and injury in the 2022 and 2023 seasons. In 2022, he pitched in 11 games and showed sluggish performance with one win, two losses and an ERA of 14.21. He pitched only 6.1 innings. He moved to the second division in mid-May, and failed to return to the first division.

In 2023, he pitched in five games (3.1 innings) and finished the season with one loss and an earned run average of 2.70. It was his last pitching in the first division on May 9. He failed to throw balls properly even in the Futures League. He was sluggish in 32 games in the second division with one win, four losses and three holds with an earned run average of 10.38. He had 62 walks and nine walks during 30 ⅓ innings. He had a serious problem with his ball control. It is worrisome that he may have lost confidence as he has been sluggish for two years now.

NC, which succeeded in generational change in the bullpen, needs a revival of Shim Chang-min this year. NC, which has a lot of young bullpen, has pitchers looking to switch from the bullpen as Koo Chang-mo’s military enlistment has created a starting gap. Kim Young-kyu and Kim Si-hoon plan to start, and if they change their positions to start, the number of bullpen will decrease.

Right-handed orthodox Han Jae-seung and sidearm Lim Hyung-won have been dispatched to the Australian professional league to display good pitching experience. Young pitchers continue to grow and improve. However, if Shim Chang-min, who has ample experience and sidearm style, regains his old pitching power, he could be the centerpiece of the NC bullpen.

Shim Chang-min’s total of 51 saves and 80 holds failed to increase at all after moving to NC. He became an FA after the 2022 season, but chose to re-enter the FA. He did not apply for an FA qualification this off-season either. Now he is an FA third grader. Will he be able to rebound for the third year.

Meanwhile, Kim Tae-gun, a former trade partner of Shim Chang-min, was traded to Kia during the last season while playing for Samsung. Kia signed a multi-year contract with Kim Tae-gun for up to 2.5 billion won (2,2 billion won per year, 500 million won option) for three years ahead of its FA bid in October last year.

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