‘Triangle’s even performance’ Hongik University defeated Kyunghee University and escaped losing streak

Hongik University won with a set score of 3-1 (25-21, 25-19, 21-25, 25-19) in the preliminary match against Kyunghee University in the 2023 KUSF University Volleyball U-League held on the 26th at Seonseungwan, Yongin Kyunghee University.

8th place Kyunghee University (2 wins, 2 losses, 5 points) and 10th place Hongik University (1 wins, 3 losses, 3 points) face off. While Kyunghee University won two games in a row, Hongik University faced the game in a conflicting atmosphere with two consecutive losses.

Hongik University succeeded in reversing the atmosphere. Yumin May (2nd grade, OH, 190cm) scored 23 points and Junho Kim (2nd grade, OP, 198cm) scored 20 points, and the two players played an active role as a one-two punch, and Song Geon-hwan (1st grade, MB, 198cm) scored 10 points. was Meanwhile, Park Ye-chan (junior, OP, 200cm) of Kyung Hee University alone scored double digits with 25 points, but it was not enough.

From the start, Kyunghee University’s receiving line was shaken. As Hongik University dug into Kyunghee University’s receiving, Lee Yoo-bin (3rd grade, S, 188cm) took the first place as a sub ace. The attack on Kyunghee University was not easily resolved. A series of attacks led to the offense, and Hongik University ran away with a 6-3 double score.

Scores were not easily narrowed down. With the addition of blocking, Hongik University led Kyunghee University’s timeout. Hongik University took advantage of the atmosphere and added a serve score to Mayu-min, making it 12-6, a double score again.

The score gap was not easily closed. Every time Kyunghee University seized the opportunity to counterattack, it unfortunately missed the point. Hongik University, who did not miss the flow until the end, took the first set by blocking.

Hongik University continued the atmosphere of the first set. Following Song Geon-hwan’s sub ace, he added consecutive points and quickly ran away to 4-0. The momentum was not easily broken, and moreover, the score gap widened.

Kim Jun-ho scored 7 points, Song Geon-hwan 5 points, and May Yu-min 4 points, and several attacks flew. With Song Kun-hwan’s 3 serve, Hongik University won the second set 25-19.

In the 3rd set, Kyung Hee University took the first lead of the game, 3-2, but it didn’t last long. Hongik University quickly overturned 6-5 and took the initiative. Afterwards, Kyung Hee University broke the atmosphere with a timeout as they ran away to 8-5.

Kyung Hee University did not back down easily either. Relentlessly chasing Hongik University, they approached 9-10, and Lee Jung-min scored a serve to tie the score at 10-10. After giving and receiving one point, two consecutive blocks broke out, and Kyunghee University ran away until 16-13.

Hongik University cut off the flow with a timeout, but it was not enough. Again, they scored 4 points in a row, leaving Hongik University tied at 13 points and rising to the 20-point high. Kyung Hee University’s streak of goals did not stop. From 14-13, he scored 8 points in a row and ran away to 22-13.

Hongik University also pursued hard, but it was difficult to reverse. Kyung Hee University took the third set 25-21 and took the match to the fourth set.먹튀검증

Unfortunately, Kyung Hee University was unable to continue its performance in the previous set. From the start of the 4th set, Hongik University took the lead in scoring and did not easily give up a tie. Kyung Hee University changed the setter from Park Jun-seo (2nd year, 183cm) to Park Seo-jin (1st year, 175cm), but it was difficult to change the atmosphere.

Hongik University’s blocking height has been revived. Blocking goals broke out at every important moment and ran away. Hongik University, who did not lose the lead until the end, took the game with the 4th set and broke out of the losing streak.

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