Value skyrocketed by ‘700%’ in one year… Another ‘masterpiece’ created by Chelsea

Lewis Hall is a resource that will lead Chelsea’s future.

Chelsea has been called hell by prospects before. Many promising players were recruited, but very few players got a chance due to saturation. In particular, when he was coach Jose Mourinho, there were dozens of promising players who went out on loan. Mohamed Salah, Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku, all of the resources leading European football today have not found a place at Chelsea.

However, there are players who have seen the light among them. Mason Mount and Reese James are examples. Both players got their chances while coach Frank Lampard was at the helm. Mount has played more than 40 games since his first year at Chelsea and has been dubbed the ‘second Lampard’. James has also improved every season and every game, and has now established himself as England’s best right-back.

And following them, a player who is considered the future of Chelsea has appeared. Hall is the main character. The 18-year-old Hall has worked his way through the Chelsea age squad and made his senior debut last season. His main position is left back, but he can play all positions except for the right, and he is versatile enough to have experience as a center back several times.

He has yet to establish himself in the first team.메이저사이트 Although the number of appearances has increased compared to his last season, it is only 7 matches including cup competitions. However, he is growing step by step in the second team and is believed to lead Chelsea in 2-3 years.

Director Graham Porter also praised Hall. After a 2-0 League Cup loss to Manchester City, he said: “Hall played really well. He played his part and kept the ball well in the tight half. He also attacked into the box and made several appearances. He also had a chance to score. He matured. I was impressed with his play.”

Along with the rapid rise, the value naturally soared. According to ‘Football Transfer’, in April 2022, the hall was only worth 1 million euros (approximately 1.39 billion won). However, the media currently evaluates the value of the hall at 8.2 million euros (approximately 11.4 billion won). This is an increase of more than 700% in one year. Football statistics media ‘Transfer Markt’ also set his value at 8 million euros (approximately 11.1 billion won).

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